Friday, April 1, 2011

A Friday List

  • 1~ I just saw a peak of sunshine and I instantly smiled :D

  • 2~ S got saved this week!! She's kinda like an adopted daughter to us. that news made me do a happy dance and cry happy tears!

  • 3~ BabySister turned 9 on Tuesday! It made me feel old :(

  • 4~ we have had evangelistic meetings at our church all week... tonight is the last night and the Pack and S are inviting everyone they can think of! So far we have 2 vehicles packed and S is still texting me and asking if she can invite 'this person' and "oh! is it alright that I invited my cousin too?" thinking we may have to call in some help getting them all to town!

  • 5~ I made apple cinnamon pancakes this morning.

  • 6~ The Pack thinks I must be the best mom in the whole world, and no one makes food as yummy as me ;)

  • 7~ ok, they didn't really say that. I doubt they have ever even thought it. being a mom is a truly thankless job. sometimes I need to make things up in my head to make me feel like they actually notice everything I do for them. every. single. day.

  • 8~ it rained yesterday!

  • 9~ more snow melted!

  • 10~ the roof did not drip!!

  • 11~ instead the basement floor is covered in water :( urgh.

  • 12~ Little Brother is wonderful at pulling up carpet and stacking everything against the far wall.

  • 13~ and mopping up the water.

  • 14~ in the middle of the night :(

  • 15~ without even waking me and HH (Handsome Hubby, keep up people!)!!

  • 16~ Love that boy :D

  • 17~ its another working weekend for HH

  • 18~ and I WILL NOT POUT!!!

  • 19~ I will be thankful for the work

  • 20~ I will be thankful for the work

  • 21~ I will be THANKFUL for the work! (ok, that was a little more convincing ;)

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