Friday, April 29, 2011

10 things...

10 things I am thankful for:
(in random order!!)

1~ the sunshine!! it is shining today!!! it is my happy drug :)

2~ spring snowfall. because I know it will melt when it hits the ground and it will not stick around for 5 months ;)

3~ Handsome Hubby. Love that man :) he puts up with, well, with ME! all my insecurities. my stress. my obsessive compulsive personality. he works so hard to support us.

4~ My Brat Pack. they make me smile, scream, yell, cry, giggle, pull my hair out, lock myself in my room, laugh till I cry. they keep me young. :D

5~ extended warranties ;) my old laptop went wonky. brought it in. 'damaged beyond repair' was the verdict. you know what I got out of the deal? a week unplugged (it was good for my mind), a new appreciation for blogging (you know how many times I wanted to grab my computer and blog and I COULDN'T!!??!!), and a brand spankin' new laptop!!

6~ a small house. some may think I am crazy. but I really do love my small house :) all the girls share one room, it teaches them, um, how to love at all times (?). 1 bathroom. it teaches us.. patience and strengthens our bladders? lol! all livingspaces (kitchen and livingroom) on one floor, (in reality our kitchen and livingroom kind of blend into each other). that way I always know what the Pack and their (many) friends are doing. ;)

7~ music. all kinds. all genres. I tell myself it makes me a well rounded person ;) you can tell my mood of the day by what I am listening to on my computer!

8~ a loving, forgiving Heavenly Father. goodness knows I can be VERY unlovable. and not worthy of forgiveness. and yet. He does. He loves me. and forgives me. it is an amazing love.

9~ coffee. nuff said.

10~ flowers. they add a touch of pretty to my life. a burst of sunshine on those days that the sun is not shining. they make my girly heart happy :)

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