Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Did you see the GUN on his belt?!?!?

Friday night is pizza night around here. The Pack invites friends and we have homemade pizza, and the kids watch movies or play outside or hang out or help HH with work around the house. I was sick of homemade pizza quiet frankly. So we had crackers and cheese and meat and bbq meatballs and little smokies (and it taught me to rethink serving food that a house full of teenagers can make jokes about and giggle about all night), and veggies and chips and dip.

This really has nothing to do with the story I am about to tell you. I just had to throw it out there. you know. a bunch of useless information that can make you all wonder afterwards, 'what was the deal with the food?'

ok. this is how it went....

I was in the bathroom, along with Beans, Blue Eyes and Mantha, they were talking, and I was.. well. you know.
Anyway, we hear the kids in the front entry, Mouth and the boys.
shocker, I know.
This is what I overhear...

Is it broken?
um... uh huh.
whats broken?
the door.
the NEW door???
Shanan's gonna kill me.
your worried about Shanan?
uh huh.
not (name that we shall not mention)?
did you see the GUN on his belt???
he wouldn't shoot me. Shanan might kill me tho.
but the GUN... did you see the gun?!?!
he's a BIG guy. he looks really strong.
does he get really mad?
well, what do you think? we BROKE the door!
oh. why does he have a gun?
cuz he can.

I am sitting in the bathroom. dreading going to see what happened but thinking that the kids being more scared of me than HH is kinda funny. and the whole conversation about HH's gun... Yes, I laughed to myself about it.

Finally, I face the inevitable, and check to see how bad the damage is. Its could be worse. But its not good. The frame on the brand new entry door was cracked and broken.

I didn't yell. I was quiet proud of myself.
The only thing I said was, "You can explain this to HH when he gets home". and I will admit, I added a little bit of ominous drama to my tone..

it was dead silent. Not a word was said.
Mouth burst into tears and went into my room to call HH.
She was one of the main reasons the door broke and she was gonna face up to it and get it out of the way.
She told HH what happened.
And he hung up on her.
Not good. at.all.

So the Pack and their friends sat in the living room. and did not talk.
Not a word was spoken. it was amazing.
I talked to HH on the phone. explained the situation. He calmed down. I told him about the conversation that I had overheard. about "the GUN on his belt"?!?! he chuckled ;)

When he arrived home the kids got up and helped him unload the trailer of materials for the house. And not a word was spoken. Not a single word. It was amazing.

He then grabbed his drill and tools and fixed the brand new front door. And did not say a single word to the kids. They were terrified. CB looked sick to his stomach. Beans was almost in tears. Mouth's eyes were swollen and red from crying for the last hr. Mantha was quiet. Her new BF stared at the floor. and didn't say a word. No one would look at HH.

I walked into the entry where HH was working on the door, and he looked at me, smirked, and said, "so, who died?" I giggled and we snuck into the other room to laugh about it in secret.

He then walked thru the living room, into the bedroom, monkeyed around with stuff. Called Mouth in there. then all of a sudden you hear a "BANG!!" The boys in the living room freak out. They figure they are next. ;)

Then HH walks out of the bedroom, stands next to the couch, looks at everyone and says, "Who died??" Beans burst into tears. CB looks ready to bolt. The new BF is white as a ghost. the other kids don't make a sound. Beans is sobbing as she gets up, hits HH and yells at him for being so mean.

Then in all seriousness HH talked to all the kids and told them that he was able to fix the door, and he understands that it was an accident. BUT we have all worked hard at getting the house looking like it does. and he WILL NOT have kids breaking the things that we have worked so hard to do.

He pulled CB and Beans aside and talked to them privately, as they were the oldest and they were the ones that were taking it so hard. CB told HH what we were all feeling, " You work all day, you have come home and work on the house till late at night. And we say "thank you" by wrecking things and making more work for you. I'm sorry. And I won't do it again."

oh, the bang the kids heard? it was Mouth and HH moving the bed and dropping it into place. ;)


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