Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Whine Whine Whine

My house is a disaster. Really and truly a disaster. And I am SO tired of it :P And I figure this is the best place for me to vent because if HH would know how truly tired I am of the mess he would feel bad that our little project has taken this long, and he would feel guilty about that, and I would NEVER want him to feel even a little bit bad about it. He is an amazing man, husband, father and provider! But my amazing man is never ever ever on my blog, so I feel safe venting here ;)

I walked thru the house this morning and looked around.... want to know what I saw? well, you're gonna hear about it anyway...

An air compressor in the living room, with a Wii nun chuck draped over it.

A sawzall (cuz it saws all!) in the schoolroom, along with a few ladders and misc boxes of screws, paint, flooring... oh! and about 20 sheets of louane flooring leaning against my (freshly) painted walls. And 2 new doors, still in their boxes, that I have to skirt around to get into my bedroom. Another air compressor is in the schoolroom, this one has a pair of pajama pants draped over it.

*The jammie pants are green. 1000 useless points to whoever can guess who they belong to*

In the kitchen I see 2 drills on my kitchen table (HH took the other one to work with him), a HUGE box of screws under one of the kitchen chairs, 2 battery chargers plugged in on my kitchen counter. a couple hammers, screwdrivers, a carpet knife and a crockpot with tonights supper in it, all sharing space on my counter.

I spy a bucket of drywall compound in my front entry and a bucket of drywall tools in my one and only bathroom :)

I can see a pile of orange hats, coats, and pants draped over my teachers desk in the front entry, along with a few hunting knives and a handfull of 20 gauge shells rolling around.

As I walked to the van to go get Little Em from preschool, I had to skirt around a ladder with a deer carcass hanging from it.

Welcome to my world. A house under construction is not a fun thing. "It WILL be worth it all!!!" when my HH can come home from work and sit down and we can watch a movie together. And we aren't tripping over tools and air compressors and extension cords. And he can relax again. And in the spring when the roof doesn't leak, it will be worth it all :)

Blue Eyes is putting the 3rd coat of paint on the kitchen walls. And Mouth is going to be starting on the ceiling in our bedroom this afternoon. And tonight we will be installing those 2 new doors and putting some more of that louann sheeting down to get things prepped for that hardwood flooring that i have been dreaming about....

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