Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things are getting done around here (finally)!!

Not that things haven't been getting done. HH has been amazing at getting things done around here. I feel kinda bad for him. He's exhausted. Every night, he gets home from working all day, and brings his tool belt in and gets things done around here till he falls into bed around midnight. This week he has finished all the mudding, taping and texturing. He's taking a couple days off to go deer hunting with Little Brother. But last night, as we were laying in bed, he tells me, "Man I hope we fill out on Thursday. Then I take the rest of the weekend and get things finished up around here." He's pretty amazing. And I love him. A LOT.

Last weekend HH and I drove to the big big city to pick up our flooring. Lets just say that 1700 sq feet of hardwood flooring ends up being more than we envisioned. The nice guy at LLs brings it out to the trailer on a forklift. There was a LOT of wood on that forklift. A. Lot. We get it all into HH's enclosed trailer. The tires were starting to squat pretty good. We finished loading it all up. As we were leaving, the nice, informative, young man that helped us load the trailer comes over to my window and says, "Oh, I thought you might like to know, the manifest says that its 4100 lbs of flooring that you got into that trailer".

Yeah. I think we could have done without that little tidbit of information. Thank you very much.

So we decide it would be best if we bypassed the major highways and byways and take roads a little less traveled. That way we wouldn't have a ton of people mad at us for driving 45-50 mph, (I'm being generous here.) pulling that loaded down trailer.

So we are kinda trying to figure out back roads as we go (ie. following our noses). We come up to a detour sign. Hmmmm. Detour.... HH informs me we can "probably" make it thru. So he doesn't take the detour.

*Fun Fact~ HH NEVER believes those detour signs. Ever. I cannot tell you how many times we have had to turn around and go back and follow the signs. ;)

Anywho.... I just giggled and shook my head. And we keep going. As we are driving he mentions, "the only way we wouldn't be able to get thru is if there was a bridge out or something like that".
I look up ahead and ask him if they would use a large crane if a bridge was out...
"yeah, they would. Why?"
oh, no reason. just that the really big crane up there looks kinda big for this little road doesn't it?
then I start laughing. uncontrollably. Just our luck. Don't ya think? lolz :)
Yep. The bridge was out. and we had to turn around. and go back. and follow those silly little detour signs. And I laughed.
And it only took us almost 6 hrs to make, what would usually be, a 2 hr trip.

HH's stitches came out. And the cut split open again. Gaping. And he never covers it up. And his job doesn't really encourage keeping a wound like that clean. And it oozes. All. day. long. And the Dr said there is no point in restitching it. Cuz HH will not let it heal. And it will just keep getting broke back open. So last night he was texturing the ceilings. And he dropped something in the bucket of watered down mud, so he dunks his hand in the bucket of watered down mud to grab whatever it was that he dropped. But he HAD to use his bad hand (of course). And last night (really it was this morning, cuz he finally finished up texturing around midnight, then we had to get things cleaned and put away so we could sleep in our bed), anywho, too many details maybe? ok. So all night (morning) he is complaining about his hand whenever he bumps it in his sleep, "ouch!" *groan*moan*whine*grumble*. and we get up this morning and his hand is back to being swollen and red and inflamed and and and... yuck. *sigh* (that's all I can do. he doesn't listen to me when I tell him to take care of himself).

The Pack and I, (hows that for proper grammar, such a big, bad, homeschooling mom that I am ;) have been priming and painting and getting things done around here :) The addition is painted! The livingroom ceiling is primed and painted! The kitchen ceiling is getting primed right now. Painting to be done later today. :) Then tomorrow, on to the walls!!! yay!!!!

We, the girls and I, are hoping to get ALL the painting done before Friday. Really, that means we have today and tomorrow to get it all done. I think its doable. Maybe. If everyone has a good attitude... yeah. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Well I had better get back to painting. And priming. And laundry. And cleaning. And school. And And And.... *sigh* I can't wait till my house is back to normal....

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