Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Family Event

We got SO much accomplished this weekend!!! Doors are trimmed. Base trim in the addition. freshened up the pine walls in the livingroom (sanded and polyurethaned), floors sanded AND POLYURETHANED!!!!! yay!!!

Saturday evening I made a call to my mom and begged her if we could camp out on the floor at their place ~ HH informed me that there was NO way we could stay in the house while finishing the floors. (I had planned on spending the time in a hotel, but that gets expensive). Of course she said "yes!" and we got there at 11 o'clock Saturday night. the Pack sacked out in one bedroom and HH and I got my parents room, I guess they didn't want to give up the basement ;)


Saturday we sanded sanded and sanded some more. Got it done by 2! then got doors and trim done and polyed the wall boards and the trim. Then it was to throw some clothes, blankets and pillows into the van, drop the girls off at CBs house and run back to get the first coat on the floor!

Its BEAUTIFUL!!!! I absolutely love it!!! :)

Sunday morning, HH, Beans, Little Brother and Blue Eyes and I got the second coat on b4 church. but we knew we were gonna be a 1/2 gallon short to finish the floors, so we ran to the store b4 church and they were OUT of the stuff.... urgh!!! so after church it was back to mom and dads for dinner then off to the big big city for some more polyurethane. 3rd coat was on by 630 Sunday night!

Back to mom and dads to crash for the night.

Monday morning we came back home :) we are living in my bedroom right now, as we can't have furniture or anything on the new floors for at least 72 hrs.

My uncle has mentioned that he loved the fact that we turned a house remodel into a family event. That pretty much sums it up :) we have made so many awesome memories in the process of this "little" house remodel :)

The Brat Pack has learned so much. not only how to set rafters and shingle a roof and side a house, and sheet rock walls, and mud and tape, and install hardwood flooring, but how to be flexible and to be understanding of each others moods and how to lend a hand when needed. They were able to see and experience first hand how hard their dad works to support our little family. And how much he sacrificed this summer to get this done. They learned what it means to work hard and accomplish much. How to work thru pain and exhaustion. They learned that having a nice house is work, and that it deserves respect. Hopefully these lessons will get them far in their lives.

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