Thursday, December 1, 2011

A post of Pics :)

 Beans ~ HH informed her and Little Brother and Country Boy, if he ever needs anyone to help install flooring, he knows who to hire :)


 maybe Blue Eyes wasn't so happy about me taking a picture? lol!!! she's painting the master bedroom
  Mouth. with a HANDSANDER, sanding the bedroom floor (saturday night)
           H, doing what she does best ~ look A.DOR.ABLE!!!!
               Little Brother helping with the living room floor :)
       HH~ exhausted but happy!!! Master bedroom floor is in! (Friday night)
                    K, wielding that hammer tacker like a pro!!!
                     Master bedroom floor!!! beautiful!!!
                    looking thru to the addition
                    Little Brother using the table saw
               Little Brother showing Baby Sister how to do it

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