Friday, December 2, 2011

Livin at the Funny Farm!

Its one of those days! The Pack is in a great mood! The sun is shining (our HAPPY DRUG!!!), the house is toasty warm (woodstove :), things are getting done, everyone is goofy, silly, crazy, loud. :D

Love days like today! Don't you?

Days like today, things seem to just go, well, smoother.

Mouth flooded the sink and we got bubbles everywhere, which of course called for a bubble fight between the Pack.

I didn't even get mad. Just took out my camera and started to take pics :)

There has been alot of laughing, giggling, screaming, running, sliding, jumping on my bed, which is STILL in the middle of the living room, barking (Remi), crashing, music blaring, singing off key, going on here today.

Its been great :) And now I must go and join in on the craziness :D hopefully we will get the floors sanded and sealed this weekend. And then we can decorate for Christmas!!!! Updating soon!!!

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