Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things I love:

putting on a new pair of jeans, realizing I should have got them 2 sizes smaller :)

especially when I bought them 2 sizes smaller from what I have been wearing!!!

birthdays.... for my Pack ;)

snowy photo shoots

kids wearing mismatched bright colors for snowy photo shoots

smiley baby girls

saltwater and sugar sand

answered prayer, especially when its another teen accepting Jesus as Saviour!!!

being called "mom" by children whom I did not give birth to :)

last count, I am "MOM!!" to 17 loveable kids.

hearing, "ya know what? I fricken love ya!" and getting a hug.

I fricken love you too, CB ;)

snow days. when HH is home.

migraine = hate!!!!

snow = hate!!!!

snow + migraine + HH home = bearable :)
*Amazing how God takes care of His children, isnt it?

country music in the morning

purple and red skittles

grape popsicles

birthday suppers


coffee. black. sweet nectar.... *sigh

yarn ball fights and silly face wars

My Pack :)

Handsome Hubby. love that man :)

locks on bedroom doors! LOL

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Yay!!! Your posts make me happy. :)
But you have to figure out those headaches, girl! And the sleeping!!! I know what it's like, and you need a change. If you want a little advise: go to Energy, Health, and Wellness in St. Cloud. They figured out my problems instead of just trying to treat the symptoms. Let me know if you want the number. Or if I should mind my own business... ;)