Thursday, July 23, 2015

CraZy LoVe

Its such a simple word. One that gets thrown around. Cheapened. 
It gets overused, untill it becomes... meaningless.

There are many forms of love.
The love a parent has for their child.
The love felt between friends.
The love from our Heavenly Father.

And the love between husband and wife.
Lovers. Love how God intended between 2 people.
A love so pure and all encompassiing. 
Love that you are so secure in.
800 miles cannot dull that love.

I am amazed at the power of that love.
After almost 20 years, my love for him
still drives me crazy.  

How is it that 2 crazy teenagers were able
to beat the odds? 
20 years. 5 kids. 1 grandchild. countless jobs.
days and weeks spent apart. the times we came together.
those times we fell apart. yet we seem to always find our way back
to each other. I can only give God the glory. only thru HIS grace
have we made this work. 
Its a crazy beautiful thing, this love I have for my handsome man. 

wait for it. wait for that person. that one person. the one who 
gives you goosebumps and butterflies. that one person that you cannot imagine
your life without.  don`t fall into this worlds easy love mentality.  hold out. 
wait. look for the one who will show you how crazy in love you can be.

...... crAzY iN LoVe......
sometimes thats how you make me feel...
you know, that....
CaN`t gEt eNoUgh
I wAnt tO cRaWl oUt oF mY SkIn
BiTe yOu
HoLd You
sQueeZe yOu
lOOk iNto YouR EyeS
KiSS yoU TiLL I cAn`T bReaTHe
FaLL asLeeP to yOur HeartBeat
Can.T FinD ThE WordS to DescRibe iT...

......CraZy LoVe......

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