Friday, April 16, 2010

~ Never Blog When In A Bad Mood ~

Aren't you proud of me? Twice in one week for me is a huge deal ;) Anyway, I probably shouldn't be blogging, its never a good thing to blog when you're in a really bad mood. I shouldn't say "really bad", its not that bad, just feel kinda' off. You know what I mean? And I really have no reason to feel "off" either. Just one of those days I guess? And I know that that is just a really dumb excuse to be crabby. We are supposed to have the joy of the Lord everyday, all day, no matter what. So having "one of those days" is really not a good excuse. I don't think there really is ever a good excuse to be crabby. ~ Wow, what a crazy run on paragraph was that?!? I really am not as crazy as I sound! ~

Nothing much going on here. I am excited to start working in a couple weeks. It's only temp work. Census work. And I know some people are all discusted about the whole census thing and think that the goverment is just throwing money out the window. And I have to say, I kinda' agree, but on the flip side, if they are going to pay someone to do this work, I will gladly work! Beggers can't be choosers, and right now I haven't had any responses to the dozens and dozens of applications I have filled out! So having said that, "Bring on the census work!!!" And I am kinda excited about being outside and getting alot of walking in. And getting paid to do it!

We spent yesterday at the cabin getting posts in the ground so we can build a deck on it tomorrow. The BP has grand plans of spending lots and lots of time at the cabin with grandpa and grandma this summer. And to be quiet honest I do too!!! I can't wait to spend weekends out there with the whole family! :) I hope mom and dad don't get sick of us! Oh,~ mom, (cuz I know you read this ;) I will make sure and bring plenty of food and snacks and drinks for the BP and for us! I have been stocking up on crackers, snacks, bottled water and juices, and plenty of fixings for cookies and bars, ect :) ~

Have you ever had a friend in your life, someone you always viewed as a close friend, but then you hear things from others, people whom you didn't realize even really knew said friend? They ask you things, make comments about said friend, nothing bad, just things that you would think that, being such close friends and all, that you would have prior knowledge of? Then you feel like a total idiot because you have no clue what these people are talking about? Then you feel like a total idiot because you realize that you really weren't close friends to begin with? Then you start to wonder how patheic you really were? You think back to all the things that you did for said friend, how you were always there to listen to her vent and unload on you? How you were always there when she needed something? How you where there to watch her kids at the last minute whenever she called? You think back to all the times you tried to call her because you just needed someone to talk to, but she wouldn't answer her phone? You remember how you had opened your home to her and her family and yet you hadn't stepped foot in her home for 2 years? How pathetic is that? At some point you realize that friends are over-rated. I guess it just takes some of us more time to figure that out :P Then you feel like an IDIOT!! Word to the wise, don't put too much feeling into friendships that aren't real.

~ wow, see why I should never blog when I'm in a bad mood?!?
I'm off, hoping tomorrow will find me in a much better mood! I'm sure Handsome Hubby and the BP are hoping so too ;)

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