Monday, May 9, 2011

A Monday Post

HH was home all weekend! with a sore back.

Nothing exciting happened.

It rained. The sun did not shine.

I was, um, crabby.

And HH was crabby with a sore back.

I realized that after him having spent so
many weekends working, that we don't know
what to do with each other when he is home
for a whole weekend.

and he has a sore back

and its raining out.

And I am crabby

And it Mothers Day, but nothing special happens.
and its the weekend after my bday.
and nothing special happens.

can you tell the sun is NOT shining?

lol :)

I have big plans for this summer.

we are ripping the roof off of our house. not just the shingles.
the ROOF. new rafters. and everything. sadly it does
not mean more room. just a better pitch to the roof.
so hopefully no more ice dams and dripping in my bedroom
in the middle of night. for weeks and weeks.
and hopefully ripping out the old carpet and putting
hardwood floors in.
new siding. new windows. lots of work.
lots and lots of work.

it also means I will have no bedroom. or livingroom.
HH says it will only be for a week. or two. till we get it
dried in, then we can move things back in (really??).
I don't believe him. I am the wife of a contractor. I know
better. especially cuz all this work will be getting done on
nights and weekends. weekends that he isnt already working.
It will be mostly nights. by spotlight I believe.

and we will be sleeping on a mattress. on the floor. in the schoolroom.
the schoolroom does not have doors. you have to walk thru the schoolroom
to get to the girls' room. fun fun fun... thinking maybe the treehouse will be a
better option.

and no livingroom. its going to be a long summer.
pray for me. and HH. and the Brat Pack.

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