Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Ponderings

Ponderings... what a funny looking word. Don't ya think?

Anywho. I was thinking today. Amazing. I know.

do you know how scary it is when your 15 yr old comes home. excited. because 2 20 yr olds asked for her phone number? yeah. super scary. no. she didn't give them her phone number. she's smart that way.

I love seeing the kids tearing around the neighborhood on their bikes. I hate dealing with bikes that need constant repair. and they ALWAYS need repair when the Pack insists on jumping them. and you have all heard about how Mouth rides bike. she doesn't really ride them. she crashes them.

HH and I spent an hr taking apart chains, replacing broken links, tightening them up. fixing brakes. tightening handle bars. tweaking pedals.

Did you know HH hates working on bikes? yeah. he really really hates it. and their is ALWAYS a few bikes around here that needs fixing. its not a very nice thing for him to come home to after working a 13 hr day. oh. did I mention it was over 90 degrees today? yeah. not a fun night for HH.

we had an interesting weekend. Poor Beans had a run in with some kids. not nice kids. they were, um, under the influence. of drugs. they ganged up on her. they took her bike. they pushed her around. thankfully she had sibs and a few friends around. and thankfully they had cell phones. they called me and HH. he played knight in shining armor and went and saved his little girl. I think kids around here will think twice before they mess with our girls from now on. Beans is still very shaken up. and very disappointed. she knew a few of the kids. and considered them friends. just goes to show how drugs can really mess a person up. we have since found out that a few of the boys are in their 20s... seriously?!? such men. that have to mess with a 15 yr old girl to feel big and bad. HH is still very angry about the whole situation. Beans has a swollen, scraped up leg. she cries when its brought up. I feel horrible for her. Such a hard thing. when the ugliness of this world collide with the innocence of a sweet girl.

HH took Little Brother into the bathroom to cut his hair. then I heard the clippers. then I hear a giggle. sorry, a chuckle. guys don't giggle. remember? then I hear some laughter. and a whispered, "Mom's gonna KILL you!" *fun fact? Little Brother does not know how to whisper.* I go in the bathroom to see HH lathering Little Brothers very bald head with shaving cream. and a razor is waiting on the counter. yeah. I wasn't very happy. at. all. I will be running (not really running. get real people) to buy sunscreen in the morning. no way is that baldy going out in the sun with that shiny ball of virgin skin perched on his skinny little neck without any protection.

If you are ever at a store and a couple teenage girls come up to you and ask you random questions ( what color socks are you wearing? Do you like pancakes?? DO you like WAFFLES??? ect ect), the whole time talking in an old grandma voice? Please don't be scared. They really are harmless. we let them have day passes every once in a great while. they behave kinda crazy when let out. ;)

We spent the afternoon at our favorite little swimming hole. Its the same place that Beans ran into those not very nice kids. I no longer let the Pack go there alone. Its a hardship for me. sitting in a beach chair. all day. with a good book. and snacks. a very big hardship ;) and HH is all for me hanging out at our favorite little swimming hole with our Pack and all of their friends. so I can keep an eye on everyone. and he doesn't mind coming home to a totally trashed house as long as our Pack is safe. :)

just kidding. I was a good wife and made sure the chores were done. supper was ready. and laundry was hanging on the line. then we spent the whole afternoon lazing around our favorite little watering hole :) looks like tomorrow will be the same. oh the hardships that I must endure for the safety of our Pack ;)

I better get HHs lunch ready for tomorrow :) that way I can snuggle under the covers for a few more minutes. not really snuggle. its supposed to stay hot all night. there is no snuggling when its above 75 degrees in the bedroom.

Don't you love it when you are listening to the weather on the 10 o'clock news, and you hear the phrase, "its not the heat, its the HUMIDITY that is oppressive". I have to giggle. when we were down in FL you would here people tell you that FL heat is just horrible.then they would say, " its really not the heat. its the HUMIDITY that is horrible!" lol. and then they wouldn't believe us that we actually DO have tropical heat up in no-wheres-ville. after the 5 ft of snow melts we get the tropical weather. complete with huge blood sucking bugs. its wonderful. really. :D

give me blood sucking bugs and tropical weather over 5 ft of snow any day!

it looks like it will be shining here for the whole week! Sunshine is my happy drug :) I predict a wonderful week:)

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