Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Wednesday List

I have a ton of things on my mind today. so I figured I would put my thoughts in list form :) and you know me with lists... they just keep getting longer and longer as I add to them.

*fun fact ~ when I make my daily to-do list, if I do something NOT on my list. yep. I write it in just so I can cross it off ;) makes me feel like I've accomplished LOTS!

1~ I read an article this morning. a lady challenged herself to not spend any money for 10 days! wow! what a concept! oh wait. I do that on a monthly basis. its called, "we are poor and we have no money, therefore we don't spend any". lol :)
seriously tho? is it hard for people to go 10 days without spending any $ ? I suppose it would be for HH. But he drives. Miles and miles and miles every week. and he's self-employed, he does have work expenses that crop up on a regular basis. But I can go at least 10 days without spending any $ :)

now lets see if we can keep the Pack and HH out of the Drs office for 10 days.... that may be more of a challenge for us.

2~ I have been being a wonderfully caring and giving wife the last few weeks. I make HH lunch every night b4 bed. so its all ready for him in the fridge in the morning :) *insert pat on the back here*

3~ ok. to be totally honest? the reason I make it every night b4 bed? yep. I don't want to get up in the morning and make it. ~ lunch ready for him to grab and go = I get to snuggle under the covers for a few more minutes.

4~ Baby Sister had a follow-up appt on her ankle. we were praying for freedom for her. (meaning no crutches, no cast). We got good news- NO HARD CAST!!! yay!!! and bad news- still in a splint and on crutches for another 2 weeks. go back in 2 weeks to re-evaluate. (she did fracture one of the smaller bones in her ankle)

5~ Baby Sister did too much yesterday. and I think she was using her foot.
she is NOT supposed to be putting weight on her ankle yet.
she was crying and in pain at 2 o'clock this morning.
I am not a very caring and sympathetic mom. (in case you don't remember that fun little fact).
especially at 2 in the morning. :P

6~ ever watched the show "clean house"? or maybe its called "clean sweep". it should be called 'I have too much junk. I am a hoarder and I need someone else to come to my house and go thru everything and sell it all on a giant yardsale so I can have new stuff'. yeah. ever watch that show? I feel like that show has come to my house. (without all the people doing all the hard work for me, and without the 'new stuff' prize at the end). We are cleaning out all the little storage nooks in the house this week. and getting rid of stuff. lots of stuff.

7~ alas, I am too lazy for a yard sale. so I either throw it away. or give it away. or donate it all to GW or the little thrift store in the big town over yonder. I fear I am not tapping into the potential money makers I have sitting in my storage nooks. I am starting to feel a little guilty that I am not doing what I could to help HH with the financial well being of our little family. what do you think?

8~ ever had one of those mornings when you are making coffee and you are dumping the old coffee grounds out of the little basket thingy and the coffee grounds miss the garbage can and land on the floor next to the garbage can? and when putting fresh grounds in the little basket thingy, you totally miss the little basket thingy and end up with a scoopful of coffee grounds on your counter/floor? oh. you haven't? well that was how my morning started. NOT a good sign.

9~ did you know that dogs will not clean up spilled coffee grounds off the floor? well they won't. at least Remi won't. and he eats EVERYTHING.

10~ I have a ton of over-ripe bananas sitting on the kitchen table. and every time I walk by them. I can smell their over-ripeness. and I think of banana bread. I should make banana bread today. HH would love that little addition to his lunches for the rest of the week/weekend.

11~ ever notice the junk they sell on tv? things that they say we cannot live without? but WAIT!! If you call in the next 10 minutes we will DOUBLE YOUR ORDER for FREE!!! (separate shipping and handling may apply)... cracks me up every time the Pack sees one of those commercial... they all yell the, 'BUT WAIT!! IF YOU CALL IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES....' and then they all gather round me and beg me to order it NOW!! " cuz you know we canNOT live without it mom!!" lol. they keep me laughing. which keeps me young. :D

12~ sometimes when I watch the news (all the flooding and tornadoes in places we have visited/lived) or CMT music videos, and something comes up about someplace we have been, or the music video has the Ryman in the background, or Nashville, or the country singer that is singing on the music video maybe lives in Nashville, I say, "OH! we've been there!" and I sigh and miss the travelling days that I so enjoyed. It send me down a path of reminiscing. not always a good thing I will have you know.

13~ on our way home from Baby Sisters drs appt yesterday I noticed a sign at the end of the road to our house. It said, "ROAD CLOSED TO THRU TRAFFIC". how is it that I did not know about this new little development? I am oddly comforted by the fact that I am not 'THRU TRAFFIC'. (who is ' THRU TRAFFIC'? does this mean that we will not have to worry about teenagers flying thru our quiet little neighborhood?) does this new little development mean at some point, out of the blue, my road may be totally closed off and I can get neither out nor in to my happy little house on the hill? they can't do that. right? hmmmm. now whenever I leave my happy little house on the hill I will have the fear of not being able to get back to it at the end of the day.

14~ the Pack is up. time to get busy with the biggest storage nook of the house. it will be an amazing transformation. I shall take pics :)

Have a wonderful beautiful day! The sun is shining in my little corner of paradise. It will be a great day :)

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Taylor said...

I never have the energy for yard sales, either! So much easier to donate it!!

I wish I could go 10 days without spending money-but we are dumping too much into our rental right now!!