Monday, June 13, 2011

An uninteresting life

every get that feeling? like you live a very boring life? and nothing ever happens? yeah. I sometimes feel like that too. maybe I am feeling sorry for myself this weekend? yeah. thats probably it. it was a very long week. HH didn't get home till after 8 most days. that makes for a very long week for me. and it has been super cold around here :P we had a 2 day tease. upper 90's! then. BAM!! highs in the 60's. the Brat Pack has not been happy about it. no swimming at our favorite little swimming hole. which means they are at the house. whining. complaining. bored. HH worked all weekend. again. he's exhausted. and short-tempered. and the BP are whining. and complaining. and bored. anyone want my life? yeah. thats what I thought. ;)

But HH promised to take next weekend off! YAY!!!!! and I am going to let him sleep in. and make him breakfast in bed. and make him amazing suppers. and we are going to cuddle in bed. and go for a walk. and he will buy me flowers....


he won't sleep in because then his back will hurt. he will get up early Saturday morning because he hasn't been home to get things done around here. there will be argueing. and chores. and work. we will all eat sandwiches because I will only have minutes to throw together a meal after working beside him to get all the things done around here. the walking will be done between the trailer and the house and around the yard. oh. and he won't buy me flowers. because he never thinks of those kinds of things. :'(

but at least he'll be HOME!!! right?

hmmmm. maybe the BP and I will have to get everything we can think of done this week so by Saturday he won't have anything to do....

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