Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 on Tuesday

1~ Its October, the kids rule of "be home when the streetlights turn on" seems to be getting earlier and earlier. Not looking forward to the '4:30 in the afternoon and the streetlights turn on' times that are ahead.

2~ HH has done it again. This time it was 14 stitches. On his hand. I guess a miter saw can do some damage. So very thankful that he still has use of all his fingers and everything is intact!

3~ My first hint that something was wrong? When HH called and asked me when his last tetanus shot was. Then I heard in the background, "Oh crap. Don't do that." I guess he showed the nurse how deep the cut was. She kinda freaked when she was able to see the bones of his hand.

4~ I have colors picked out!! Aqua inlet for the schoolroom. Buttercream for the kitchen and light champagne for the the master bedroom and livingroom :) can't wait to get color on the walls!

5~ Random fact ~ I love language arts. I love doing language arts. I do not love teaching language arts :P

6~ Mouth had a loverly thought today... "I wish we had never ending money, mom" me too, kid. me too.

7~ The woodstove is going!! And it is super warm in the house :) and I love the smell of the woodstove. And I do not like the mess of the woodstove. But I do love the lovely heat from the woodstove :) the only thing that would be better? A woodstove in the livingroom. Where we could enjoy the flames and heat and coziness all day long.

8~ HH went to bed already. Its only 7 o'clock. I am praying he isn't getting an infection in his hand. He's hurting pretty bad right now.

9~ Pinterset. Its an addiction. A very time consuming addiction. I do not have time for this new addiction. But I will tell myself that I am finding ideas for decorating, and crafts, and home decor and other areas of craftiness that will come in handy. And I will continue to spend time on this new addiction. Darn you, Pinterest.

10~ tomorrow my house will get smaller again. the taper is going to be here the rest of the week. So the livingroom, addition, master bedroom and kitchen need to be empty. :P praying the weather will be nice!!! it will be school outside, and picnics on the lawn. :D

"It will be worth it when its done!!!! " Still reminding myself!!!

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