Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Work (and getting out of it)

It was another working weekend around here. Always and forever working on this house. Trying to get things buttoned up before the winter cold pushes us into the warmer, cozier confines of our little nest.

HH (Handsome Hubby ~ keep up people!) decided to put some cedar shakes in the gable peaks, best decision ever!!! Its beautiful!!! I love the color we (HH) chose for the siding. Cypress. Who would think I would have a green house? lol :)

~ Random topic change~

Do you know how to make my Pack really really happy? Buy them popsicles. weird? I know. and make sure you buy 2 boxes. one tropical flavored and one original flavored. that way there is an abundance of banana flavored ones. and my personal opinion? banana popsicles really do not taste like bananas.
Mouth requested a box of only banana flavored popsicles. you cannot buy a box of popsicles that are only one flavor. maybe I should check online. that would be a great bday or Christmas gift for Mouth... hmmm... a box of only banana flavored popsicles and a jumbo jar of pickles. she would be in heaven. weird? I know.

~Random topic change~

Did you know that the "p" in "popsicles" is supposed to be capitalized? weird? I know.

~Random topic change~

Do you know how to get out of helping work on the house? Throw yourself off a ladder and land on a pile of bricks and a sawzall (it sawz ALL). And land half in and half out of a cement window-well-type-of-thing.

No. I didn't really throw myself off the ladder. It WENT OUT FROM UNDER ME. I tried to explain this to HH. "I was leaning over and trying to yank the rest of that board off the house. The hammer bounced back, and the ladder went one way and I went the other."

That, my friends, is how I explained it to HH.

Beans, who was right next to me when the ladder WENT OUT FROM UNDER ME, I guess she saw it slightly differently. ?
She pipes up and tells HH, " naw, I was there. I saw it all dad. It looked like she THREW herself off that ladder. I don't think she wants to help with the house." she tells him this with a straight face. never cracked a smile. not a single giggle. total serious face.

"WHAT?!?!? are you kidding me????" that's not what happened! as I am arguing with her and telling her that is just NOT true, I catch a glimpse of HH, his shoulders are shaking. He's trying not to let me see that he is laughing. He is laughing so hard that the ladder that he was on was shaking.

they are all against me.

~Random topic change~

2 months till I have a 16 yr old in the house. 16 seems like such a BIG number. doesn't it? much bigger than 15. it scares me. just a little. ok. A LOT! I feel a nervous break down coming on.

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