Saturday, February 25, 2012

Given enough sleep, I'm pretty sure I could rule the world ;)

8 hrs of sleep. In one night. Without waking up. Its amazing. Really, truelly, A.MAZ.ING. :)

Then waking up to sunshine on my face.

Could this morning get any better????

Lets see...

Mouth made me coffee.

Like only Mouth can.

She makes THE BEST coffee :)

I kind of love her.


And then, the MOST amazing man in the world decided to make breakfast :)

And its not just a "throw some bread in the toaster" kind of breakfast.

its a "pancakes, and eggs and sausage and hashbrowns" kind of breakfast :)

Cuz he's amazing like that.

And I love him.


How did I get so lucky??

Oh, and HH bought a new doorknob for the bedroom door.

It has a lock on it.

How did we get thru 16 yrs of marriage without a lock on our bedroom door you may ask?

I don't know.

I seriously don't know.

But I think I am going to like this "lock on the bedroom door" thing.

You know why?

In the last 10 minutes I have had 4 children in my room,

one of them isnt even my child.

they think that my bed is the most comfy bed in the house.

I have to agree.

it is.

But that does not mean I want 4 children laying (lying?) on my bed whilst I am blogging.

how did you like that?

I used 'whilst' in a sentence.

and I really don't care if I used it properly.

it made me smile.

Especially when one of those children is not even mine.

Its awkward.

and weird.

And I have not even been up to get dressed yet.

So it was very awkward.

And me,

in my normal Shanan fashion,

pointed it out.


"yeah, get off my bed.

and out of my room.

cuz this is just weird.

and awkward."

And he blushed and

they all left.

I giggled.

Did I mention that I am watching a movie?

Whilst laying (lying?) in bed.

and blogging?

I am.

because I folded on the whole,

"we will never have a tv in the bedroom" thing.

Bedrooms are not made for watching tv.

Bedrooms are for sleeping.

and sex.

(the movie just ended. I hated the ending.)

but after 16 yrs of marriage,

and 5, (or 6, or 7, or 10) children,

lets face it.

our bedroom is not just for sleeping.

and sex.

Its a place to try to get away from the 5, (or 6, or 7, or 12) children.

So a tv was needed.

and a door knob.

with a lock.

I just kicked 2 more children out of my room.

HH will be putting that new knob on the door.




breakfast is ready :)

and it smells amazing.

later, dudes :)

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