Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A post of randomness

Its one of those nights. again. my mind is just spinning. nothing really going on up there, just alot of randomness. and its always fun to post a bunch of randomness. cuz then I can pretend I am witty and funny and amusing ;)

did you know that the word 'random' looks, well, random? well. at 2 am it does. who comes up with these words? some words just make no sense. especially at 2 in the moring when you look at a word and think to yourself, "that really is a word right? I mean, I didn't just make it up did I"? no one else does that? oh. ok then.

I decided to shave my legs tongiht, cuz I'm not tired, and I love the feeling of clean shaven legs on clean sheets, but then I remembered that tomorrow is sheet washing day and that HH is sound asleep on said sheets, cuz he sleeps at night, like a normal person, while I am up doing laundry, doing dishes, making his lunch, pinning on pinterest,

(do you know what pinterest is? you DON"T??? google it. it will blow your mind, and you will become hooked and you will waste many countless hours looking at what other people have pinned and you will give yourself unattainable hopes and dreams of becoming crafty like every other woman in the world, then you will feel like a gigantic failure when you remember you are just not really crafty, and you should stick to reading books and picking up peoples messes, cuz that is what you are truly good at.)

*sorry. rabbit trail. or rabbit hole? hmmmm.....

ok, back to "while I am up...." .... shaving my legs, reading books, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how I could sneak those sheets out from under him while he is lying, (laying?) on said sheets, so I can get them washed so when I do get tired enought to sleep I will have clean sheets to sleep on with my cleanly shaven legs.

anyhoo... I decided to shave my legs, and of course I cannot find a decent razor of my own, because my girls steal my razors cuz they leave theirs in the shower and then theirs get rusty and icky so they wont use them, so they use mine, and leave mine in the shower, and then mine gets rusty and icky, so then I won't use it either. so you know what I do? I steal one of HHs razors ;) he gets those nice fancy razors with replacement blades cuz he shaves his head every week since the wetjet incident of 2010, (when a wet jet blew up in his face and his hair started on fire and his eyebrows and eyelashes singed off his face and he had an awesome scary looking face for about a month cuz of the burns). yeah. he buys those fancy blades. so I sneak a fresh one, shave my legs, then dry it off and sneak it back in and put his blade back on the handle then put it back in the cabinet all while he is sound asleep. none the wiser ;)

does this make any sense? I'm thinking it doesn't. but really? what does make sense at 2 in the morning?

popsicles. did you know you can get ones that are made with real fruit juice? and they taste super yummy. and I can convince myself that 1 popsicle = 1 serving of fruit. so, say, its 2 in the morning, and I am bored and my throat hurts, and I really want a popsicle? wham! 1 popsicle.1 serving of fruit. WINNING!!! 3 popsicles you say??? well. that is 3 servings of fruit, silly!!! ;) and now you really want to know the truth? the only reason I like popsicles is because they are naughty. try it eat a popsicle and not make it look 'dirty'. try it. you can thank me after you remove all of the popsicles from of your freezer and ban them from your home from now until eternity. ;)

did you know that my filter is pretty much non existant at 2 in the morning? well. you do now.

well, the laundry is calling me. and I am thinking muffins for breakfast is sounding really good. sooooo.... later dudes!!!

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