Monday, February 27, 2012

Manic Mondays

Its Monday.

I don't think I like Mondays.

Especially when the next day we are (maybe) supposed to get snow.

I am not a snow type of girl.

I am not a cold type of girl either.

I am more of a sunshine, and warmth, and ocean, beaches and sand type of girl.

I miss the smell of the ocean.



enough with dreaming about things that I cannot have....

update on the whole,

"doorknob with a lock on the bedroom door" thing...

it is





I locked my children out of my room today.

just because I could


And they were confused.

and they stood and rattled the doorknob

and whined.

And I smiled :)

How did I make it thru the last 16 yrs???


*Random Topic Change*

Mouth informed me that,

"If I won $10,000,

I would buy shoes.

Lots and lots

of shoes.

A girl after my own heart :)

you would never know that I love shoes.


you would not.

not if you looked in my closet.

I have 3 pairs of shoes.


and 1 pair of work boots.

that's it.

its sad.

sometimes I sit

and I pout.

and I feel sorry for myself

and my obvious lack of shoes.


*Random Topic Change*

I saw Mouths YG teacher last week.

She was wearing a pair of jeans.

COVERED in Sharpie marker.

they looked very cool

and bright

and colorful.

And I fully expect to see Mouth wearing

a pair of jeans covered in Sharpie marker.

any day now.


Thank You, Mouth's YG teacher.

Thank You.

*Random Topic Change*

When I was a kid,

at the lake where we spent our summers camping,

there was a statue of a naked lady.

(and I will say it, she has a great body, she must do yoga)

and from the road,

when we would ride bike by,

we would giggle and exclaim,

"Its the naked butt lady!!!"

cuz all we could see was her naked butt from the road.

I do recall one time when,

on a dare,

I rode bike thru the circle drive.

she was naked from the front too.

just sayin'

Well, down the road,

from where we live with our Pack,

there is statue of a naked FAT lady.

throwing a hula hoop in the air.

and she looks VERY happy to be throwing a hula hoop

in the air whilst she is running around naked.

I giggle every time I drive by and see that naked little fat lady.

Throwing a hula hoop in the air.


HH, you know, the one who NEVER EVER reads my blog?

Yeah. He's sitting next to me

looking over my shoulder

as I am writing this post.

and he is making fun of me

cuz he thinks I'm weird.

"You're cracked"

were his exact words.


I think its time to wrap this one up.

Later dudes.

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