Friday, December 3, 2010

"It Was An Accident! ?"

So, Thanksgiving morning is on us, we are getting the pies finished up, the smashed potatoes smashed and seasoned, the salad made,

*didn't turn out, make ANOTHER ONE!!*

pack up the truck, glance at the Pack to make sure they are half way presentable


* Baby Sister go change your shirt! *whine whine stomp stomp*

* no, not that one * "MooooooMMMMMM" whine whine stomp stomp stomp*

* NO not that one... something NICE * more whining and stomping*

* let Beans or Mouth help pick something out for you * stomp stomp and arguing can be heard by all three coming from their closet*


~Sidenote~ whining was from Baby Sister. NOT me

Have Beans, Blue Eyes and Mouth bring out the baskets of food.

Find out that the stupid trucks "cargo area" actually has no "area" to speak of. Can't even fit a laundry basket of food in the "cargo area".

The "I told you we should take the van" conversation (argument) takes place between Handsome Hubby and me (the always submissive, perfect wife ;).

* that stupid cargo area causes many arguments between us, but it is always when we are in the middle of something important, like making that super duper grocery run once a month or on our way to a family function with a truck full of food or we bought a large item at the store. It usually goes something like this...
"are you sure it will fit in the truck?" I ask.
he rolls his eyes and gives me a dirty look, "OF COURSE IT WILL FIT IN THE TRUCK" he answers me. just a tad annoyed with me because he thinks (knows) another "I told you we should take the van" conversation is about to take place.
we get out to the truck. open the back door of the truck, see all five heads of The Pack in their seats and the little bitty bit of space between the backseat and the back door.
"which kids do we leave here or sell?" I smugly ask him
(because I know when to keep my mouth shut and bask in the glory of being right... NOT)
so we take said big item out of the box and all its packaging and distribute all pieces from the box onto the laps of The Pack to hold all the way home. Or grocery bags get set on laps for the Pack to hold all the way home.
Its a silent drive home usually.*

Sorry! Rabbit trail!! Back to Thanksgiving morning... the basket won't fit in the truck cargo area.....

Someone will have to hold the basket on their lap I tell them.

*Leave them to argue about who gets that loverly privilege.

I send the 2 youngest of the Pack out to their seats while I am throwing on a sweater and trying to find my purse.

Oops, forgot to look in the mirror this morning.

run a brush thru my hair and over my teeth.

Handsome Hubby is waiting by the door for me, tells me the deck is icy, be careful ( I fell on the ice the week before, it hurt ). He helps me down the icy steps, then walks to the truck to check out the nonexistent cargo area. Opens the back door of the truck and sees the 2 youngest hanging over the seat in front of them (all he sees is their rears in the air), and overhears Baby Sister say, " we are gonna be in TROOUUUBLE."

"What are you doing!?!" he growls

Little Brother turns around and says very quickly, "It was an accident!" but the evidence is on his face.

Whip cream.


all. around. his. mouth.

my banana cream pies
were smashed.

Handsome Hubby gets upset (banana cream is his favorite)


till I cry. (I can be the cool parent sometimes too ya know!)


Mouth had brought the pies out and set them on the middle seat while she went in to get her bag. Little Brother didn't realize said pies were on the seat that collapses when he hits the button for the seat to collapse so he can get out of the truck (kinda wordy. I know :P ) he forgot his hat and gloves and decides to run into the house quick to get them.

* Hits Button*

Pies disappear

Beans and Blue Eyes gasp

Mouth comes upon the scene. Eyes are huge

They snap the seat back into upright position and find toothpicks sticking out of the seat back (I put toothpicks in the pies to keep the plastic wrap from destroying my pretty whip cream decorating).

There is whip cream on the seat, oozing out of the plastic wrap on all sides. Little Brother decides to get rid of all evidence.

Eat. The. Whip Cream.

Handsome Hubby enters the scene.

"It was an accident!" is heard

Laugh till I cry.

Its these moments that make life fun :)

We salvaged the pies (its not like someone sat on them or anything ;)

Drove to my parents and had a great day with family :)

The End


Anonymous said...

fantastic memeories in the making!!!!
Love you,

Danielle said...

Hahahahaha!!! I laughed until I just about cried reading this!!! :D This Thanksgiving will be an awesome memory!