Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Mommy's Wish List

Ok, a mom's wish list is so much different than a child's or a single woman's wish list.
I don't have "a new Barbie doll", or a "DS Game" or some new fangled electronic device on my wish list. I don't have high end designer jeans I wouldn't know which ones are in style anyway, actually, I don't even know the high end designer jean's brand names... or a fancy shmancy purse, do they call them "bags" now?, on my wish list. No posh jewelry or glossy boots on a mommy's wish list, (secretly I would LOVE a pair of glossy high heeled black knee high boots! But I don't know where I would wear them or what I would wear them with. I would need a whole new wardrobe! hmmm... sign me up for the boots! ;)
Nope a Mommy's Wish List goes kinda like this...

* socks, size 9. something so different that my girls will not want to steal them
* a stand mixer. I am tired of handmixing all these Christmas cookies!!
* a bag of assorted zippers, bias tape, ect. for sewing projects
* TIME!!! to get everything done in a day that I need to
* a master bathroom!! or at least another bathroom in this house! 1 bathroom is just not enough anymore :P
* a maid for a day
* an anniversary getaway (3 months later)

ok, the master bathroom would be for ME!! but really, everything else on that list has something to do with the rest of the family. Remember when you were a child? Or single (I wouldn't know what that feels like, but I've heard about it!)? It seems everything on their lists are all about "ME MYSELF and I". Somewhere along the line it becomes something for the kitchen (to make food prep easier for when I make meals for them), something for the house, something for the whole family to enjoy.
I guess that's what being a mom is all about. I love my life and wouldn't want to change it for anything.

But I still dream of those glossy-black-high-heeled-knee-high boots with that fancy wardrobe and sparkly jewelry and that designer bag that has a some sort of new fangled electronic device tucked inside it :) A girl can dream right?!!!!

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