Friday, December 10, 2010

Mono for Christmas

Poor Beans has mono again I am thinking :( So sleepy and exhausted all the time. So pale. Headache that doesn't stop. Sore throat is gone but still has a low grade fever. What a miserable time to have this flair up again. So thankful she has been working hard in school so far this year! A couple weeks off of school isn't going to hurt her any, and trying to get her to get her work done (and done well) is pretty much impossible at this point. So she gets a few weeks off of school, will be sleeping thru the holidays... and I informed her that she won't be snoboarding till we get her checked out to make sure her spleen isn't enlarged... not a happy girl right now.

But on the bright side! She turns 15 next week and is so excited to take her test and hopefully get her learners' permit!!! If she can stay awake thru the test...
Oh! thought of another bright side! She will get out of helping shovel out the driveway tomorrow after we get 12-16 inches of snow!! That is definitely a bright side I think :)
Now I better get back to my to do list.... but today seems more like a "curl up with a good book" kind of day.
What do you think? Clean clean clean, bake bake bake, sew sew sew? Or read read read?

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