Monday, December 27, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things 2010

~1~ my Pack and their willingness to work with their hands
~2~ a mom who encourages my love of all things simple
~3~ antique sewing baskets full of little treasures (given to me by a lovely mother of my <3)
~4~ working with my hands
~5~ learning to sew
~6~ looking at the beautiful gift baskets and knowing that they were 100% handmade!
~7~ seeing our garbage can Christmas morning (after presents were opened) and seeing not one single piece of wrapping paper!
~8~ spending time with my little nieces and nephews and loving them so much it hurts
~9~ my children, who seem to enjoy my love for all things simple
~10~ My Pack! they are 5 of the most amazingly wonderful kids I have ever had the privelage of knowing!
~11~ my gift from my mom! "Country Wisdom and Know-how, everything you need to know to live off the land" I LOVE THIS BOOK!!
~12~ corn-filled bedwarmers :)
~13~ gardening... the day after Christmas I woke up with a smile on my face... now time to plan my garden for spring!
~14~ Christmas shopping at Goodwill :) and finding the most wonderful gifts for my girls there!
~15~ having 5 children, it makes even a seemingly small amount of gifts (for each child) look like an abundance when multiplied by 5 ;)
~16~ seeing Beans and Mouth's eyes light up when they see 2 huge jars of pickles under the tree with THEIR names on them!!
~17~ making Handsome Hubby's dream come true this year! a 4-wheeler with a plow! (used, pretty old, but runs great!)

I'm sure I will think of more during the next few days, I will try to remember to jot them down.

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