Friday, December 3, 2010

Pretty Little Stones

Don't look at the dirty hands please! Baby Sister is a dirt magnet.
November 15th, 2010

See the pretty little stone in Baby Sister's tummy? It was a very scary event that brought that not so little object to be in there....

We were doing school one day, right around the lunch hour, so some of the Pack were already done with school, Mouth was making lunch for everyone. Beans and I were in the schoolroom when Baby Sister came rushing down the stairs. She was very red in the face and turning blue around her lips and her eyes were screaming at me for help but not a sound was coming out of her wide open mouth. I thought maybe she had fallen and gotten the wind knocked out of her so I told her to settle down and put her head between her legs. Beans was watching all of this and told me," Mom, I think she's choking on something." (always my calm level-headed girl). So I turned Baby Sister and did the heimlich on her. it pushed enough air up to turn whatever was in her throat so she could get breath again! Then she started hyperventilating and acted like she was going to throw up. I didn't know what she had choked on. I didn't know if it was still lodged in her throat. She was sobbing and saying it felt like it was stuck "right here" and pointing to her throat. So I grabbed my keys, threw her in the van and drove the few blocks to the clinic (not the clinic we usually go to but I didn't feel comfortable driving the 15 miles to that clinic with a little girl who could stop breathing at any moment).

~ Note to all you moms out there, there is a very good reason to get up and get dressed for the day when you wake up in the morning. and um maybe put a bra on?!?! gotta love those baggy winter sweatshirts! needless to say I did not look pretty :P ~

We got there and they got her right in to see Dr. Wonderful. He sent her right to xray so we could see what she swallowed (she kept telling us it was a marble and showing us how big she thought it was, but we don't HAVE marbles that big!?! SO I really wasn't sure what we were going to find). Thankfully it had moved down into her stomach, not her lungs.

The first two xrays were the ones taken the day she swallowed it. They were deceiving. Dr. Wonderful thought she could pass it just fine and sent us home. After he gave her instructions that she had the job of "digging for treasure". SHE got that fun job, NOT her mommy dearest that she had just scared 5 yrs of life out of . If no treasures were found in 4 days he wanted to see her again and take another picture to see what was going on.

Well, no treasure. Lots of digging, but nothing to show for it. I was thinking this will cure her of ever putting anything in her mouth again. I was right, she barely eats anything now :P

So back into the clinic we went. Another picture was taken. She brought along a "twin" to the marble that she swallowed which ended up not being a marble but a decorative glass stone that I bought for making super cute magnets for my kitchen boards. She had been playing with the extras that I never used. That picture showed a better picture of the size of the object that we were dealing with. Scary!

Well, as of right now, no treasure has been found. Dr Wonderful has gotten in touch with a couple specialists. They both said to give it till after Christmas. If she still has it in her tummy then it looks like it will be surgery to get it out. The surgeons have a difference of opinion on how to get it out. One says to go back down thru the throat and get it out that way. The other says that could cause damage to her throat muscles, vocal chords, ect. and that they should go in and surgically remove it. Right now I am leaning more towards the surgery. I would not want to take the chance of damaging her throat in any way.

She is feeling good right now. She has had a few episodes when she gets stomach cramps and feels like she has to throw up but it passes quickly and she goes on with her day. Her appetite is pretty much nothing right now but she hasn't been losing any weight that I can tell. She still loves her sweets so we bribe her. :)
Never a dull moment with my Brat Pack. Keeps life interesting. right?

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