Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just a bunch of nonsensical thoughts.

See, that sounds much more mature than, "just a bunch of random thoughts". Ok, maybe not more mature. more interesting? yeah. I'll go with interesting. I like to pretend that I'm an interesting person. With a life. and friends. Notice the word 'pretend'? yeah. I think I am pretty much pretending.

I wanted to go out the other night. Maybe sit at a place to eat and hang out. HH wanted to stay home and watch a tv program and then catch the news b4 he went to bed. So, a tv program and news are more interesting than me. yeah. *tear*

So Beans takes pity on me and we head to the big town to sit at a place to eat and hang out. And we ask another person if they want to come hang out. Hm. nope. that darn news is very interesting to ppl lately. More interesting than me. yeah. *tear*

SO then I'm thinking maybe I'm not that fun of a girl. and thats totally not acceptable at all. cuz I have always been a VERY fun girl. And now I'm thinking ppl think I am too old to be fun anymore? or maybe the 'married with 5 kids' scares ppl a little bit. hm. *tear*

Oh, one good thing happened when Beans and I went out and hung out at a place to eat for 2 hrs. I was asked if Beans and I were SISTERS!!!! Oh. Be still my heart. I think I kinda sorta love that person. And I should find out where they live and make them cookies or something. But maybe that would seem kinda stockerish. So that probably wouldn't be such a good idea. Yeah. That might be kinda sorta weird. (did you know the rule 'i before e except after c' does not always apply? yeah. try teaching this stuff. yuck.) So. no cookies for the amazingly awesome person that I may just be a little in love with for calling Beans and I sisters. bummer for them. I make some amazingly awesome cookies ;)

I'm in another one of those moods. When my brain is going about 100 mph. and nothing makes sense. and I can't sleep. cuz my brain is going about 100 mph. and then I have no appetite (a good thing :) but the less and I sleep and the less I eat the more crazy my mind goes. Poor HH. Its fun for the first few nights. then he's ready to tranq me.

I know tranq is not spelt right. But I really did not want to write out 'tranquilize' , but now spell check is telling me that tranq is not a word and its bugging me. so, 'tranq' is my word for 'tranquilize'. and I probably will never ever have to use that word again. anywho.

And did you know that even when you are trying to be careful and you specifically ask the server if there are any sort of nuts in the dessert that Beans wanted and my plan was just to steal a couple bites of, and they tell you no, there are NO NUTS, do not believe them. they don't know anything. cuz chances are its from a mix that was made in a plant that had nuts on the equipment or they used the same knife to cut a dessert with nuts that they used to cut your dessert. its bad. very bad. cuz then you drink every bit of liquid thats on the table. like 5 gallons of diet pepsi and water and you chew all the ice that in the glasses. anything to make the swelling go down.

Then you decide to go out of town and try to get yourselves lost. and it works amazingly well. seriously, hopelessly lost. with no bathroom in sight. bad idea. very bad idea. but it was a fun night ;)

And I want a hot tub. I really really want a hot tub. just throwing that in there. cuz hot tubs have endless possibilities. and. yeah. I'll stop there.

Anyone know what they say about chewing ice? no? ok. well I'll leave it at that.

Hopefully my brain gets off the "amped" speed and gets back to normal soon. or maybe not. it is kinda fun to be thinking at 100 mph.

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