Monday, January 9, 2012


Its kind of getting old. Feeling like my brain is going 100 mph is getting old. its giving me a headache. a big headache. not the constant headache I always have. this is something different all together. and my neck hurt and my shoulder hurts. and I can't sleep. cuz my brain never shuts off. urgh!!!!
any suggestions? none? really?
well you guys are no help at all! ;)
But I did get a lot done today. yay me!
I guess that's one good thing to say for being amped.
But I think The Pack is getting concerned. and so is HH.
Mainly cuz I NEVER shut up and my filter, yeah, that dang filter that I fight all the time, its been off for the last few days. So its been, "Watch out! Shanan will say ANYTHING!!!! around here".
Even worse than usual.
Mouth goes with it.
Beans rolls her eyes.
Blue Eyes just shakes her head
and Little Brother and Baby Sister?
they steer clear.
Cuz everyone knows having a crazy mom is just plain embarrassing ;)
I pretend that I'm that cool mom that everyone wishes they had. But I think I'm just fooling myself.
I think crazy would be a more apt word to use in this situation.
crazy it is.

maybe tomorrow I will wake up and feel melloooowwww.
who am I kidding?
I am not very often considered mellow.
all I can say is that I hope that, when your brain feels like its going 100 mph, your actually
burning calories as if your whole body was going 100mph.
But that's just wishful thinking I think ;)

K. goodnight. maybe "mellow Shanan with the filter" will be back tomorrow. guess we will have to see

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