Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Post of Randomness and Boo

ok. so. I am in a very very talkative mood today.
and HH has been getting just a tad bit annoyed with my random topics of choice.
so I took my randomness to FB, and then that kinda sorta started some random discussions.
A lot of random. A. Lot.
So now I decided to take it to the blogoshpere :) Arent ya'll so lucky?
and yes, I like to say 'ya'll'. Because I am coolz like that. And maybe it will throw ya'll off, and you will think maybe I am from a state down south, where cool people always say ya'll and honeychile and swee'heart (emphasis on the r almost silent t) and darlin'. and other cool words like that.
Did I ever tell you the story of the preacher who was talking about how his car tar started on far? and I had no clue what he was talking about so HH had to clue me in? Oh? I didn't? Well, that was a long time ago. and thats pretty much all there is to the story about the preacher who was telling the story about how his car tar started on far. And if you have any clue what that just said? 1000 random, useless points to you :) don't you feel special now? yeah. I thought so.


Have you ever had the hankering for saltine crackers with butter on them? yum! not peanut butter. no. just regular butter. yum!!! and pickles. no. not pickles on buttered saltine crackers, cuz that would be gross. yuck!! for some reason pickles sound really really good today. but we have no pickles :( and it is a bummer. cuz since we don't have pickles in the house I really really want pickles. funny how that works isn't it?

I have a question... what do all of you do with the Christmas card picture thingies that everyone sends you? Is this a total taboo subject? cuz I never know what to do with them. I hold on to them. Then I move them from place to place. And then I finally. well. I sometimes end up throwing them away. Am I the only one who does this?!?!?! ok. now I'm feeling guilty. How come I am the only one that thinks about these things? Does everyone else have a box of past Christmas card picture thingies that they hold onto year after year? oh. You do??? oops. But I really DO love getting those Christmas card picture thingies from everyone! and I love seeing how families have grown and changed and everything. so please, keep sending them year after year!! but what do I DO with them after Christmas is over??? urgh. if anyone can help me with this that would be great :) is there some sort of proper etiquette when it comes to these kind of things?

Just did a spell check and my computer has no clue how to translate blogosphere :) I love it when that happens :) I feel like I am smarter than my computer. Cuz I made up a total random and obscure word that even my smart little computer can't figure out.
Anyone else get that silly little thrill of satisfaction when that happens?
just me then I guess...

"there once was a man from Nantucket..."
yeah. I'll stop there with that one.

Anyone else have a hankering for pickles? no? bummer.

Did you know that HH asked me just last week if I thought I could possibly be *gulp* pregnant? Yeah. He asked me. With fear in his eyes he asked me. I had to giggle. But inside I was doing the math... hmmmm.... nope. not preggers. But can I admit that a little part of me would be thrilled to have another little baby growing inside me? yep. I said it. having another little bundle of joy (or 5??) would be thrilling. and I would love it. :) but I kinda love my life now too. so we'll go with the 'no more babies for us'.

I had some peanuts today. and peanuts are not a good thing for me. my throat starts feeling all funny and scratchy and swollen, then I have to drink like gallons of water, then I cough like I'm dying for hrs. and HH has no sympathy for me. not even a smidgen of sympathy. :P
kinda mean of him I think.
I mean.
just because he warned me not to touch them.
and he told me that I would regret it....
he still could have felt a little bit bad. right? ;)
oh. you wouldn't feel bad for me either??
well then. ok. you're all meanies. ;)

Have you ever been really really antsy but you can't think of anything to do or anywhere to go cuz for 1). you don't the $ to go or do anything, and #2). you know that you have way too much energy and you're way too talkative to sit still and do anything or go anywhere, cuz everyone would be getting seriously annoyed with you?
that's never happened to you?

I just saw a mosquito.
in the house.
it flew right by me.
its January.

Chili and pickles and crackers with butter on them... yummmmmm!!! too bad about the pickles tho :( I'll have to do something about that tomorrow.

HH is watching tv. Did you know that I can't stand watching tv? not enough interaction I think? yeah. people who like to watch tv don't usually like my incessant blabbering on and on about random nothingness. that's why I have you guys :) even if there really aren't any of all of you guys. I can still pretend that I have a horde of people who love my blabbering on and on about random nothingness, and you check back daily to see if I have decided to grace the pages of my blog with more random nothingness....

We have added someone new to our little family. His name is Boo. The Pack love him. I think I'm allergic to him. yay me. HH loves him too. He's white and he loves chewing on everything. and I think I am allergic to him. and everyone loves him. yay me. Remington doesn't know what to think of him. but I think he's a little jealous. Boo is kinda cute. and tiny. and I could squash him like a little bug. and I think he's staying.

now I'm in the mood for chocolate. brownies sound really really good. with ice cream. yummmm!!!! too bad I don't need a brownie. its a good thing we don't have any brownies ;) but they still sound reall really good ;)

and I am happy to report that I have my elliptical back in my room. and I worked out on it today. when I read a book on my Kindle :) now to do this all the time... hmmmm.

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