Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Daydream Believer

Does everyone have a bucket list? those things that we dream of doing? some of them may be way out of our reach. some may be so simple but we just don't take the time to do them. You can tell the kind of mood I am in by what I am dreaming about.

Today I am dreaming of a cross country road trip on the back of a motorcycle.
blue skies and water as far as the eye can see.
the smell of salt water in the air.
A new tattoo. on my wrist.
surfboards and suntans. *not gotten by lying around!! but by hiking, swimming, surfing, LIVING!!!*

I dream of spur of the moment movie dates with old friends. And sitting at perkins afterwards and remembering when we were young and dumb. and wishing we could go back

Sometimes I dream of things past. lovely memories that I wish I could go back to...

I dream of getting into my first car and tearing around those gravel roads we terrorized as teens. the car that I could start without the key. the car that made my eyes sparkle. the car that only sat 4 but we could pack at least 7 into ;) timberlake road.

I dream of those carefree days at the lake every summer.
falling asleep by the campfire.
having the ongoing, " put down the tents in the middle of the night" wars with the boys.
tubing behind the boats.
football at lonetree!!!!
working at the campground store and getting paid with hrs on the jet skis :)
night games at the campground (and ALWAYS ending up covered in band aids cuz I was such a klutz).
summer crushes.
barefeet all the time.
that lovely feeling of sunburn and sore muscles.
getting back from volleyball camp and sleeping for 3 days straight, in the sun, on a lawn chair, wrapped in a big white comfy blanket :)
pounce!!! (Amy! Do you remember how to play??? )
the theme song from Robin Hood being whistled, from the shelter on the hill, and knowing who it was. sneaking away to the beach to hang out. :)
riding bike to spicer and swimming in our clothes.
lifeguards. lol!

I dream of snowmobile trips up north.
stopping at little cafes or inns for hot cocoa.
winter campfires on the ice.
the smell of snowmobile exhaust in the shop when we were getting ready to go. I still love the smell of snowmobile exhaust. :)

I watch Beans as she stands on chairs and dances and laughs. I listen to Mouth and her off the wall thoughts. I watch my Blue Eyed dreamer as she flits from one thing to another. Little Brother as he is always making stuff, and loves to be building forts and weapons. Baby Sister as she tries so hard to fit in with her older sisters. I see myself in all of them.

My uncle stated that its good to remember those days, when we didn't have dreams, we had possibilities. So perfect. We did have possibilities. And it was amazing.

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