Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just something that I have to say...

If you are wondering why I know longer pick up the phone and call, why I don't jump at the chance to get together with you. Well, I guess I have felt like I am always the one to call, always the one to push for us to get together, always the one making the efftort. I am tired of feeling crushed when you bail on our plans once again.

I am done making the effort, I am done picking up the phone. I am not mad, I consider you my friends and always will. I cannot be the one putting in all the effort for our friendship anymore. You see, when you cancel at the last minute, I feel so stupid for even thinking that it mattered. I feel that our friendship obviously does not mean the same to you. I am tired of feeling like the pathetic woman who puts time and effort into a friendship that is one-sided.

So, if you want ever want to chat, or get together for coffee, or just hang-out, you can call me, you can make the effort for once. If I don't answer your call, leave me a messege I'll get back with you sooner or later.

Friendships meant alot to me at one time, but I have realized how little they mean in my life now. I have found that my husband is the only friend that I need, I don't need another woman to unload on, or vent to, or to understand me. My husband has become that person for me, maybe he wasn't before because I didn't let him be. Sure we still have our times when we are annoyed with each other, but having to deal with it in my time, my own mind, my own heart, that has helped my relationship with my handsome hubby. I have found that having that friend to unload on,vent to, complain with, well, that never helped me see the problem was in my heart, my attitude, myself. Most of the time what it did was strengthen my self-pride!!

If you have a friend that is calling you, would like to get together for coffee with you, don't ignore her! If your friendship means anything at all to you, YOU need to pick up that phone, YOU need to call her! Or there may come a time, when you look back, and remember how great of a friendship you once had, and you say to yourself, "hmm, she hasn't called in awhile, I wonder whats going on with her..." I hope, if you decide to pick up that phone to call her, I hope it isn't too late. I hope you haven't slammed the door on the friendship you once had. Just a little something to think about...

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