Monday, February 15, 2010

A very happy Valentine's Day

We had a wonderful weekend :) Saturday we went to my parents' for the morning, then stayed for dinner and watched a movie. ALL of us watched Spiderwick Chronicles, the BP thought it was so cool that all of us adults watched it too.
Then Saturday night my wonderful hubby took me to St Cloud for supper, we went to La Casita, ended up that there was a bday party being celebrated rght where we were sitting, we literaly could not hear each other talk the entire time we were there. So we decided to go somewhere else for dessert and cofffee, but we very quickly found out that everything in town was packed, 45 minutes wait times everywhere!!!
So he found us a very quiet coffee shop!! It doesn't seem as amazing as it really was. But you see, D can't stand coffee, the smell of it, the taste of it, he can't stand it!! SO the fact that he found us a quiet coffee shop, the fact that he sat in the quiet coffee shop for an hour while we talked and relaxed, that is really truly amazing! He had a small hot cocoa, and I had a lg latte', and we shared a really yummy slice of lemon-poppyseed bread. It was a wonderful night!
But it was't done yet!! We then went shopping and found the girls some really cute knee-high socks :) Found a really good sale at Target and was able to buy 3 pairs of really cute knee highs in the woman's section, for the price of 1 pair of really cute knee high socks in the little girls section!! So of course I bought a pack of 3 for EACH of the girls!!! They were really truly totally cute and I have wanted to run to town and see if the selection in Willmar is different than what they had in St Cloud. Definantly plan on making that run to town tomorrow, its been driving me crazy!! My poor boy, he sat at his plate and was a little disappointed, the girls had these crazy, cute socks on THEIR plates and he had a six pack of plain white boys socks :( thinking I may have to look and see if I can find him some cool, funky socks too.
Back to Saturday night... we then went to the grocery store and I picked up fresh strawberries, and yes, they were crazy expensive to buy at this time of year, but I had it in my head what I wanted to surprise the BP with for breakfast, so I bought them anyway. And I picked up some Valentine's candies and some cool whip.
Then it was back home and to bed, but we started talkin and "dreaming", you know, the "what if we had money, what we would do?" and the " isn't it so amazing to see our children are growing up into these AMAZING little people!",and, "remember when they were all so little, how hard everything was? It was SO worth it!" well, then we decided we weren't tired after all, so we got up an put a movie in and talked the whole way thru it. Finally at 4 (am!) D decided it really was time to go to sleep, so back to bed, but of course I couldn't sleep, so after he fell asleep, I was back up and reading and watching tv. Fell asleep about 6, and by that point, I really didn't want to fall asleep! But I was back up an hour and a half later to get my surprise Valentine's breakfast on the table :) Pink, heart-shaped buttermilk pancakes, fresh cut strawberries with pink whip cream, sausage links and grape juice :) they all loved it!!!!
Then it was to pick out all their clothes for church, the girls wanted to wear their adorable new knee-highs, so they had to change their clothes. And my girls were so good with putting up with my, "its Valentine's Day, wear something pink, or red!!" the it was off to church, then on the way home we dropped off some Valentine's cookies at grandpa and grandma McCaulley's and stopped at Uncle Dean's and dropped some cookies off for him too. Then we spent a wonderful afternoon taking naps and reading :)
It was a VERY happy Valentine's Day at the Anderson's :) Hope yours was as wonderful as ours :)

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