Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Love...

the smell of coffee

fresh baked bread

the food channel

Alexis' Blue eyes

wood-burning stoves

yummy smelling soaps

a clean kitchen

trying out a new recipe

watching Belle bake monster cookies

Bean's boots

sleeping thru an entire night (hasn't happened in months)

the smell of rain

Joseph's drawings


making lists



slippers from my mom




the ocean

homemade soups

drinking water from our house( you don't appreciate your own drinking water till you are on the road and water from any other place makes the kids sick for weeks until their bodies get used to it)

rasberry jam

my mom's homemade apple butter

orange blossom honey

Brooke's sassiness

packing up the van and driving away

cuddling with Snowball

taste of home mags

hoodie sweatshirts

receiving emails that are actually emails and not forwards

texting to my hubby in a room full of people

Dennis' smile

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