Saturday, February 20, 2010

Miss Crabby Pants

Arrgghh, do you ever have those days? Days when you are just so crabby? And you know your crabby. And you don't want to be crabby. But you still find yourself yelling at the kids, and snipping at the handsome hubby? And you really want to be happy! And there is absolutely NO reason to be crabby. But yet you still are crabby :P

Well, that has been me today! Just crabby crabby crabby! Yep, the horns and pointy tail crabby. The "watch out!!! Mom is CRRRAAABBBYYY!!!" crabby.

We went out for pizza with Handsome Hubby's family, went shopping, didn't buy much of anything, but still I GOT OUT OF THE HOUSE. Handsome Hubby wants me to finally get an electric stand mixer, ( yes, all the holiday baking, well, all the baking in general we do, its ALL mixed by hand!!) and tonight we shopped around to see what my options are... but thru all of that, I was crabby!

I hate being crabby. The Brat Pack hates it when I'm crabby. And Handsome Hubby hates it when I'm crabby. But does any of that change the fact that I am majorly crabby? Nope. Still Miss Crabby Pants.... Praying that tomorrow is better, I'm sure my whole family is praying that tomorrow is better!!! :P

I let you know tomorrow ;)

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