Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Another long night... I knew it was going to be bad when I fell asleep at 11:30 and handsome hubby came to bed at 1:00. Of course I woke up and could not get back to sleep. I was really hoping for a full night of sleep, needless to say, that hour and a half was the only sleep I got. And to make matters worse, when handsome hubby finally came to bed and I woke up, I let my frustration out on him. "why couldn't you have come to bed at the same time as me?!? then we would both fallen asleep, and I would (maybe) have stayed asleep all night!" grrrrrrr....

To be quiet honest, it really doesn't matter if we go to bed at the same time or not, I am still waking up 1-2 hrs later and then I'm up for the rest of the night/morning. So I really had no reason to snip at him, it wouldn't have mattered if he had come to bed at 11. I still would have been up at 1. arrrgghhh.

And you would think that with all the hours of time that I have on my hands when I can't sleep, that I would be able to accomplish something! But no, I don't seem to get anything accomplished as I am trying to be quiet and not wake up the BP :P

I think my hand is feeling well enough now, I am going to have start spending my sleepless nights working on Christmas gifts for next year. Then at least I can say that I am doing something with all those wasted hours.

AND this morning I had to apologize to my handsome hubby, and really apologize, not the "I'm sorry, but its really all your fault!" apology but an honest to goodness, "I'm sorry for crabbing at you last night." apology. Amen, end of apology, no excuses, no blaming. Just "I'm sorry".

So I am pumped full of caffeine, on my 4th cup of coffee for the day, and I made it hair-raising strong coffee for today! I know I'm going to pay for it tonight, but I need it to function today :P and b4 everyone gives me the advice that maybe my coffee consumption is the reason for my sleeplessness, I will explain that I went totally off of all caffeine, coffee,soda, chocolate, migrain meds, for weeks and I still wasn't sleeping, the only difference was that I had horrible headaches that I wasn't treating and I was crabby, like all the time crabby, like "look out, mom is REALLY REALLY crabby" crabby, like clear a room crabby, like horns and a spiked tail crabby... I would rather have my coffee and meds for my headache thank you very much!

Well, one good thing about all this time on my hands, I have been checking out other blogs and have decided that I am going to do some fun things to liven up my blog a little. Stay tuned for some fun stuff coming soon :)


Danielle said...

You and I should totally just chat online in the middle of the night or something. ;) I don't sleep, either, and don't you feel so lonesome sometimes? I really hope and pray you'll start sleeping soon!!!

Shos said...

I pray that you start sleeping soon too! I think of you alot when I'm up pacing the house ;) figuring you are probably up doing the same thing! We really should chat one of these nights! It definantly gets lonely. What does Eli think of all the sleepless nights? D doesn't understand why I can't sleep, but he knows that when I do go to bed I just lay there till he falls to sleep, then after an hour or 2 I finally get up and watch movies, or blog...