Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Re-evaluate for 2011

I have been looking back at 2010 and thinking about the things I would like to do different in 2011... the following are a few of the things I have come up with.

Personal Changes for 2011:

set a time to start my day in prayer and Bible reading. be consistant
make reasonable goals with my weight loss and eating plan
walk Goober 3 times a week
have coffee with a friend once a month to rejuvenate and be a blessing to another struggling mother
start a journal. write in it every evening.
excercise... oh how I hate that word :P
save a special note or drawing from each of my Pack ( I tend to THROW everything away :( So sad when I think about all those special little notes)

** Handsome Hubby has kept a letter written to him from Beans when she was 11, turning 12. It is such a sweet little note, he keeps it in his wallet, it is getting worn out, he asked me last week to do something with it so he can perserve it, yet he doesn't want it put away somewhere. He wants to be able to pull it out and read it whenever he needs a sweet little pick-me-up. why haven't I kept the sweet little notes from my Pack??**

Household Changes:

deep clean one room every week
make a meal plan and grocery list every Sunday (and FOLLOW THRU!)
be diligent in making Handsome Hubby's lunch every morning, and find more interesting options for him
do family devotions every morning b4 HH heads to work
organize the schoolroom and all paperwork in this house!
cut electronic stimulation for my Pack... focus more on good books and games to play as a family
2 video rentals a month... family friendly and one must be a classic
invite one family over once a month for a meal and family fun
paint my bedroom, fix the hole in the ceiling

Financial changes:

have a solid budget for all gifts for 2011 and stick with it (bdays, Christmas, ect)
make my gift list for Christmas 2011 (homemade or thrifted) complete 3 gifts a month
one date night a month that costs $ (like dinner and a movie)
one night a week is date night (going for a walk, completing a project together, playing a game together, ect)
pay for any home-improvements with cash

I am sure I will come up with a few more things to add to my lists of things to change as I reflect on this past year, on my challenges, my struggles, my joys. Areas in my life I want to be stronger in, areas I need to purge in my life. I will try to remember to keep things updated on my blog, if I forget, send me a little note and ask me how I am doing on these things, I am a big fan of accountability!


Danielle said...

Love your plans!!! :) And as soon as you're perfect, can I be the friend you have coffee with?!?!?!?! But seriously. We need to have coffee. Need to. :)
Oh, and the "save a special note" goal? I have a file each year for each of the kids that I save a few special things in. Because I like to throw things, too! It's not perfect, because you don't see them all the time, but they're there when I feel like a little walk down memory lane. :)

Shos said...

What a great idea! A file for each child, I think even I could handle that! Def need to have coffee. Soon. And I don't want to wait til I'm perfect... it'll NEVER happen then ;)