Monday, February 7, 2011

Not Me.....

I would never ever get sucked into a show as ridiculous as the Bachelor... not me.
And I would never get so sucked into it that I would yell at the tv, yell so loud that the Pack would cover their ears and run for the hills. Not me. cuz that would be shallow. and we all know that I am NOT shallow. I would never do that. Because I know that reality tv is so NOT reality...

I did not step in a pile of crumbs on the vinyl floor, then walk into the carpeted living room, just so the crumbs would come off my feet. Not me. Because I will only have to vacuum the carpet later in the day when I step on said pile of crumbs and get annoyed when I have crumbs sticking to the bottom of my feet again. So I would never, ever do that.

I do not cringe when I see Baby Sister playing with 2 girl Barbies, and one is dressed in a tux, and one in a wedding dress. And she is performing a marriage ceremony. I would never cringe at that. I would never call HH and tell him he must stop at the local Wally World and buy a cheap Ken doll b4 he comes home. Not me.

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