Wednesday, February 2, 2011


yep, I am looking forward to spring. when everything comes back to life. when you look out the windows and see colors! not just white on white on white, with a little bit of brown and black mixed in (dirt). when the Brat Pack will be outside making noise, running, turning cartwheels, chasing each other, yelling and screaming. Instead of in. my. house.

Swimming, suntans, a zillion kids coming in and out of the house, sleep overs in the tree house, the CABIN!! windows open, a clean porch, fresh veggies out of the garden. the smell of fresh cut grass, shorts, tshirts and tank tops (ya know how many loads of jeans and sweatshirts you do compared to loads of shorts and tshirts?? crazy!), days spent at the park, picnics...

the quietness of an empty house as the Brat Pack never comes in the house until its time for bed! ahhh, blessed quietness. I miss that. I need that.

I should record a day in the life at our zoo... you would have a headache too ( as I am listening to Baby Sister say, ' azoozoozoozoooalalalalala azoozoozoozoo a la te da" over and over and over again as she does the dishes... CRAZY I tell ya!!!).

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