Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Beans runs up to Mouth and gives her a big hug , "Watcha doing?" she asked Mouth
Mouths answer? "Gonna go put deodorant on, wanna smell???" as she raises her arm and fans her other hand so Beans gets a big whiff. gag gag gag and Beans falls to the floor :)

"Azoozoozoozoozoozoozoolalalalalalalala, la te da lalalalalala, azoozoozoozoozoozoo" sings Baby Sister as she does dishes. I know. she's crazy. we love her anyway.

"I have some great ideas for research papers mom! We should go to the MOA and I can write a paper on how much $ I spend, on the good deals I received, and how I REFRAINED from spending more. I can also write a paper on social interaction between people, between strangers and those that obviously know each other." Yeah, Beans has it all figured out.

"where is the pencil sharpener?!?" asks Little Brother
"just use a pocketknife that's what I have been using" Beans tells him
(yep, we can be kinda redneck)
"its upstairs on my black shelf, in my jewelry box" interrupts Blue Eyes...
We all turn and look at her and say "WHAT?!?! how long have you had it up there?"
(we have been looking for it since Christmas break was over)
"Since Christmas. I use it for my art pencils." and no one can be mad at her. she is in her own little world. it must be wonderful.

Ok, this is a funny one...

So we go to town to go sledding at the "ice slide". During the day. when all other kids are in school. when we get there we see a ton (maybe 18?) of kids there. all ages. and maybe 3 adults.
the Brat Pack is disappointed, they are used to being able to be rough and bowl each other over and be loud and goofy and just generally have FUN. Yes, they do know how to play nicely with others, but given the choice they would rather be able to act like wild animals. anyway, we are watching these other kids sled, they don't follow the rules, btw, Baby Sister was very quick to point out. "They don't wait for their turn. they are very disrespectful to the other sledders, mom". she was annoyed. As Mouth and I stand at the bottom of the hill watching everything that's going on, she leans over and whispers to me, "why aren't they in school?!" I pointed out that they are probably home schooled, just like the Pack. She looks at me, horrified. "But we aren't WEIRD like them are we? I mean, we are NORMAL homeschoolers, right??" Yes honey, we are totally normal ;)

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