Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday fun

yeah, I drew a complete blank when it came to a post title.

anyone else ever have that problem? no? never?? just me?

hmmm, figures.

went to the parents for a Super Bowl party.

had a cup of coffee right when I got there.

they got a new coffee pot.

it makes very hot coffee.

I didn't know this.

did you know that nothing tastes good when you have a burnt tongue?

you didn't?

well now ya do.

did you know HH has a thing for a certain female race car driver?

you didn't?

hmmm, well now ya do.

she had 2 commercials tonight. she has black hair.

I have been trying to convince HH that I should try the brunette look.

HH doesn't like that idea.

I threw out the fact that I could try jet black.

kinda like a certain female race car driver.

like having a new woman in his bed.

he didn't go for it.

did I tell ya I burnt my tongue?

it hurts.

its annoying

I feel like I talk with a lisp.

oh? I already mentioned that? hmmm, ok.

HH made it to the SuperBowl party :) yay me!!

did I mention he worked all weekend? and I was pouting?

I am a master pouter.

and I admit it.

I am only human after all ;)

tomorrow is supposed to be cold.

very cold.

have I mentioned I don't like the cold? that I need sunshine? or I pout? oh, I have mentioned that before? just making sure.

hmmm, you may get the impression that I am a high maintenance kinda gal... (because I pout;)
I'm really not that high maintenance. I am actually very easy to please. give me sunshine, and a HH that I can hang out with and I am a very happy girl :) otherwise I pout ;) that's just the way it is. but I can laugh about it. cuz I am usually a very happy girl

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