Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Saturday List

1~It is supposed to be sunshiney and warm this weekend!!

2~which makes me very happy.

3~ sunshine is good for everyone who comes in contact with me. have you ever had to deal with me after an 8 day drear? you don't want to. trust me.

4~sunshine and warmth also mean my bedroom ceiling to going to leak. drip. drip. drip. yuck.

5~ drippy roofs don't make me happy. at all.

6~ the Pack will be learning roof repair this spring. is construction a high school elective?
have to check that out.

7~ its stays light out. till 6 o'clock. that makes me very happy :D

8~ HH is working this weekend. and I am pouting.

9~ weekends don't seem special when HH works. and I pout.

10~its not good for the Pack to have a pouty mom. everyone suffers.

11~ I realize that I don't have pretty dishes to set a table for six.

12~ it reminds me to tell my mom sorry for all those broken dishes when I was
growing up.

13~they called me butter fingers. everything I touched?I dropped.

14~there were a LOT of broken dishes.

15~ Mouth is like me. A lot of broken dishes in her past (and sadly, probably her future)

16~ its saturday. I am bored. and posting about nothing. LUCKY YOU!!!

17~ I am hosting a table for 6 tonight at a banquet.

18~ I have no dishes for this.

18~ I'll let you know how it works out.

19~ no one should have to deal with a 5 day headache.

20~ I have gone thru 1 bottle of excederin and 1 bottle of ibuprofen this week.

21~ I still have a headache.

22~ yuck :P

23~ have I mentioned that HH is working this weekend. and I am pouting? oh? I did? good.

24~ why do little girls play with Barbies, and when they don't have enough Ken dolls for the Barbies they decide to pair up a girl Barbie with a girl Barbie?

25~ It makes me cringe. (being honest here)

26~ my children are begging me to go to town.

27~ I don't want to.

28~ therefore. we won't.

29~ they pout.

30~ they are like me.

31~ Beans is going bowling.

32~ first she had to do dishes.

33~ she pouted.

34~ she's like me too.

35~ I better go find enough dishes for 6 (pretty dishes, I remind you).

36. I don't want to.

37. Yep, I'm pouting.

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