Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A 2 day break...

Ok, Handsome Hubby is gone for the next few days. It used to be an every week occurrence, in fact it used to be a huge treat to have him home for 4 days out of the month... but that hasn't been the norm around here for almost 2 years now (oh, how sad it still makes me. I miss those days of travelling!). So he caught a plane this morning, and will be back tomorrow night. And the kids are running around the house, getting their chores done. And are super excited for a popcorn and ice cream and movie night. And I am looking forward to reading all night :) I am NOT looking forward to a cold bed to myself.

I feel guilty for feeling this way! yikes! Why is it that HH leaves for 2 days and I feel like it is a mini vacation for the Pack and I? It really isn't that way. HH is a wonderful husband and dad! And we love seeing him come thru the door every night after work.
And I love cooking wholesome, filling, hot meals for him to come home to.
Ok, I don't always love that part.
I love making sure his jeans are clean and mended and his socks are matched and lovingly put in his dresser.
Ok, I don't really love that part either.
I always make sure the Pack is clean, and presentable and respectful and quiet so HH can come home and relax after a hard day of working out in the cold. Put his feet up on the ottoman (cedar chest), the tv remote is next to his favorite spot on the couch and a cold can of diet Mt Dew is waiting for him....
Ok, that doesn't really happen. I am a horrible wife. Really. Really. Horrible.
And now I feel very very guilty for all those things that I should be doing for this man who works out in the cold. Sometimes 7 days a week. So I can be home with our Pack. And now he is gone for 2 days and I am feeling like its a mini vacation. And feeling even more guilty for that too.

Oh good grief.

I better go clean our bedroom.
And iron his dress shirts.
And mend that stack of clothes.
And throw his clothes in the wash machine so he will have only clean clothes to come home to.
And plan tomorrow nights supper so he has a nice wholesome, filling, hot meal to come home to.

I think I just made a ton more work for myself.
Maybe I should hit "DELETE" and forget that these thoughts ever crossed my mind...

So much for a 2 day break ;)

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