Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Mommy's Wish List pt 2

Ok, sometimes those things on a mommy's wish list? Yeah, sometimes
those things do come true :) Guess what I got for Christmas? SOCKS!!!! Yep, lots of socks!
Colored socks, striped socks, white socks, black socks :) Socks! And I know which ones are MINE! Those girls better keep their hands off! I've actually seen them in the piles bound for the girls' dressers and had to grab them out b4 they can make it ;) Better watch out girls, I'm on to you!

I got another thing that was on my list. In a way that I would never have dreamt. In a way I was not expecting. And I am truelly thankful :) I received a FB post. RDS&W asked me to call them. Gave me a cell #. I called (really I was expectng an invite for coffee ;). RDS is a really wonderful guy, a 2nd cousin, once removed. I think. W is his wife ;) He asked me what size HH is. Jeans and shirt. I told him. ( I had previously posted on FB about how HH was freezing cold when he got home from work one day). He told me NOT to tell HH. Chatted about the BP for a few minutes, then said goodbye.

They called me Saturday. Asked if we were going to be around? Well, we are on our way to town to get groceries. I told him. But we can meet in town for supper? ( We had a gift card ;) Met for supper, had so much fun chatting with them!!! We sat and chatted for over 2 hrs!

Sorry Applebees waitress. for hogging a table for over 2hrs. on a Saturday night. during peak tip time.

Ok, so we were done eating, paid the check. yes I tipped her well. Anyone who has ever waited tables should know to tip well.

On our way out the door RDS&W asked us to swing by their truck. Well, HH went and got our truck, I walked with RDS&W to their truck. When HH picked me up, RDS&W took a very large box out of their truck and said, "Merry Christmas!!" Well, I was smiling ear to ear! They had told me what they were looking to get for HH. Insulated bib overalls and an insulated work coat! ( after HH lost all that weight during the last year, well, we hadn't replaced his winter work clothes. He really was freezing when he was working out in the cold ) I opened that big box and looked at HH to see his reaction... then glanced down at the box and saw that there was a gift for me in there too... A stand mixer!!! " When God gives us blessings, we just pass them along as He speaks to our hearts. " They told us.

Well, I know they read my blog (thats how they found out about "A mommy's wish list"). SO I just want to tell them, "THANK YOU!" HH is wearing his insulated clothes as he and Little Brother are working outside this week. And Mouth is breaking in the mixer by making mint chocolate chip cookies today :)

*sidenote - its very very entertaining to watch 2 teenage girls and an 8 yr old girl use a mixer for the first time in their lives :D

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