Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update on Baby Sister!

I thought I should maybe update on Baby Sister since I blogged about her pretty little stone in her stomach. She had an xray last week, and much to the amazement of everyone.... there was NOTHING on the xray!! No shining little disk of bad news! She somehow passed it, she thinks she knows exactly when too. At church. Dr Wonderful took one look at the xray, looked at Baby Sister, and said "Merry Christmas to you!!! NO SURGERY!" She was so relieved. We were all so happy that she won't have to go thru surgery :) And after all that digging for treasure, do you suppose she will learn not to put anything in her mouth that doesn't belong there? Man I hope so. She is eating again, although I must say her eating habits have gotten pickier. Pizza night with Bestest Uncle? She won't eat it, she asks for an apple or a yogurt or even a salad instead. Make pancakes for breakfast? She'll have a glass of juice and call'er good. I have come to the conclusion that she knows when she's hungry, and what feels good in her tummy and what doesn't. So I won't push it. As long as she's eating something. And as long as that something is good nutritious food. I will leave her to make her own decisions with her food. And I will make sure she has good options to choose from.
Oh, when Dr Wonderful looked at the xray and saw NOTHING? He said, "I can't believe that went thru her system!" "Oh, we had alot of people praying about it" I answered him :)
Praise God for answered prayer! and thank you to everyone that has been praying for Baby Sister the last 2 months. Those prayers are very much appreciated. I just thought you should know that those prayers were answered. And that our amazing Heavenly Father still answers prayers, even when it seems like an impossibility in our minds. He specializes in the impossible :)

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