Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feelin good :)

OK, supper is bubbling away on the stove, tomorrow's supper is in the crockpot.
On the menu for tonight.... taco soup.
Tomorrow night supper... venison roast, potatoes and salads
:) I love this feeling.
Got up this morning (not as early as I wanted to, and no I didn't get my time alone for devotions), and I made HH's lunch. Banana muffins, with a struesel topping, yogurt, fruit, and a cheese stick. Hey, give me a break, trying to think outside the box here... :)
I WILL do better tomorrow with getting up earlier. and getting my time for devotions.
I guess you can't do it all at once. Right?
I am working on things. Designed the quilt for UmpaLumpa this morning! So excited to organize my fabric and start cutting out pieces! Working on the designs for my brothers Mini Me (we'll see how that one works out) and his oldest son (that one will be the easiest)'s quilts :D

And I have ideas for my Packs gifts for Christmas 2011! Very excited to get started on them!
And the Pack came up with an idea for Bestest Uncle's gift :) I love the idea, and they will all be helping cutting and stitching that one together!

School has been going good. Its always hard to get back to it after a long break but this time the Pack has immersed themselves right back into it without a hitch :)

Mouth and Beans took a video today with Beans' phone... they were crazy silly and even got me on it. But when listening to the silliness I totally realized why people cannot tell the difference between me and my girls when answering the phone! Goodness we all sound exactly alike!! Crazy crazy crazy!

Off to stir the soup and fold a load of laundry and stoke the woodstove and check on the craziness going on upstairs and and and :D and loving this crazy chaotic thing that I call my life!!

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