Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Furnace Working?

Ok, our furnace went on the blink last year. We heat mainly with wood, so I really didn't think much of it. Wellll, HH has decided today that he wants to find out whats wrong with the furnace, so he goes down to the basement, takes the panel off the furnace, and starts monkeying around with things. Pretty soon I hear this rumble and feel a breeze. Yep, he got the fan working on it, but it won't ignite. Probably a simple fix (I think this has happened b4 and it ended up being like a $30 part).

But you know what?

This is the girl who cannot sleep with the surface light on above the stove. The girl that, if she had her way, would not have a lighted alarm clock in the bedroom. The girl who cannot fall asleep with the dryer running. Good grief, she even has to have the printer off in the schoolroom so that annoying blue light doesn't keep her up all night.

Trying to figure out a way for the furnace to "break" again so I don't have to hear that awful rumble... hmmmmm.

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