Sunday, May 22, 2011

another list of 10

10 ways to get rid of a headache:

1~ Tylenol extra strength
2~ Excedrin Extra strength
3~ Tylenol with codeine
4~ sex

contrary to popular belief, sex can actually help your headache go AWAY (I have yet to experience this, and I am thinking this was actually thought up by a male Dr who had heard a little too much "not tonight honey, I have a headache" in his life.) did you know sex can cause headaches? yeah. like passing out, throwing up, falling down, blinding headaches? yes. they can. its not fun. at all. and then HH is scared to touch you for a week.(where IS that darn filter???)

5~ sleep (I've heard this does work for most people. sadly enough, it doesn't work for me)
6~ chiropractor (thinking I may need to try this one!)
7~ massage (willing to give this a try too :)
8~ total darkness
9~ total quiet.
10~ a head transplant

hey I'm willing to try anything once :)

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