Monday, May 16, 2011


Don't you hate it when you can't sleep?
Thats been me the last few nights.
No reason. Just can't sleep.
I lay in bed and look at nothing. I try to
read a book, but really, with HH trying to
get some sleep, and he's exhausted and his
back hurts, its kinda' rude to keep my light
on just because I can't sleep... so I go to the livingroom,
but there is nothing on tv, and lets face it,
my attention span is WAY to short on
a good day to stay interested in a tv show...
So.... I blog :) about nothing.

I have decided to start something different...
I will be calling it my 10 list.
or something as equally boring sounding.
a list of 10 for anything that somes to mind.
I will start with...

10 Things to do when sleepless:

1~ read a book (in the livingroom so as not to disrupt HHs sleep)
2~ do some FB stalking
3~ straighten your hair
4~ clean out the fridge
5~ watch music videos on youtube
6~ look at magazines
7~ figure out your menu for the week
8~ write a novel (this only works if you find yourself with many sleepless nights in row)
9~ lay outside and look at the stars
10~ blog

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