Monday, May 9, 2011

Gloomy + Mondays = cleaning and organizing...

Little Brother woke up this morning, and while he was searching for cereal, he decided the pantry was a "flippin' mess", so he took everything out, vacuumed it out, washed it out and put everything away nicely... and I need to remember how nice it was of him to do that without any prompting, and that he did it with such a smile on his face. and I need to remind myself of that smile when I can't find a darn thing in that cabinet next week. I will be THANKFUL for it. ;) yeah.

So I had to follow Little Brothers lead. I cleaned out the kitchen junk drawers. yes. that is plural. 2 junk drawers.

who has 2 junk drawers in their kitchen?!?!?! I do. that's who. to store my socket wrench set. and my cabinet screws. and my sheetrock screws, that go with my sheetrock handsaw.

its what I do in my spare time ya know. throw sheetrock up. cover up doorways. build new walls. yeah. that's why I need all the tools necessary to sheetrock. hhmmmm...

and my 4 utility knives (one with a carpet blade). my 20, count them, 20 screwdrivers. about 20 some batteries. do they all work? I have no clue. I also have 2 bike chains and a bike chain repair kit.

Cuz I LOVE repairing bike chains. and I have bikes in my house. why else would I have the repair kits in my house???

good grief.

HH needs a garage. I need a garage. So I can transfer all this junk out there.

I also cleaned out my junk cabinet. what? you don't have one of those? I do. Cuz I'm a lucky girl.
You know what I found in that cabinet? 10 rolls of film. that has not been developed. but pictures have been taken. thinking about it. I bet those rolls are over 5 yrs old.

I should probably get them developed. But they have pictures of my Pack when they were toddlers on them. I just know it. and then I will mope and cry and whine cuz it will only remind me that I want more babies. does HH really want to hear all that again? I think not. but I do want to see those pics of my babies. as babies. it will not be a good thing I am afraid.

and I realized I use my kitchen cabinet as a medicine cabinet. but I have a bathroom medicine cabinet for that. so why does everything find itself in my kitchen? I know not. I must work on this. its all getting banished to the bathroom. where it belongs.

Mouth decided to clean out the garage. ha! but I just said I NEED a garage. that HH NEEDS a garage. well, to be honest we have a garage. but it is street level. our house is not street level. we live on a hill. a hill that requires 4WD to get up it in the winter. a hill that makes a wonderful sledding hill and snowboarding hill for the Pack. we never use the garage. not to say stuff doesn't find its way in there. it does. bikes. sleds. lawn mowers. lumber. toys. junk. junk. and more junk. its damp. a tree pushed the back wall in. its built in the side of the hill. I would love to get rid of that ugly block thing. but the expense of getting rid of it would be horrendous. so it stays. till it falls down. yep. we're THAT neighbor. ;)

I didn't ask Mouth to clean out the garage.
I didn't tell her to.
she's just that kind of girl.
I love her :D

Little Brother is mowing.
he picked up all the sticks on the yard already.
I didn't ask him to.
I didn't tell him to.
he's just that kind of guy.
I love him :D

Now I must clean out my, um, drink cabinet.
not that kind of drink cabinet! ;) I have a cabinet dedicated
to all my coffees and teas and lemonades and koolaids. and flavored
syrups, and sugars.
doesn't everyone?

guess what I have posted on the door of my junk cabinet?
a postcard.
with the average monthly temps.
of Florida.
and in the middle of winter.
I look at that postcard.
every. day.
and I dream of sunshine.
and warm temps.
I did not throw it away.
I like to dream. ;)

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Danielle said...

Hey, that sounds like my kitchen! I also have a medicine cabinet in the kitchen and a drink cabinet and a drawer full of tools. :) (And I even use some of the tools!) Now I just need kids like yours! ;)