Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes you need to break free ...

I texted my HH the other day. it said...
"Hey sexy man! How is your day? I was thinking....
I would like to dye my hair and get a stud in my nose...
Whattaya think??"

He didn't answer my text. he called me. right. away.
"what color?"
ummm, black?
"you aren't serious are you?!?!"
ummm, ya. totally serious.
"I don't think I'll like black hair on you"
well. I've always wanted to see what it would look like...
"ok. well, I gotta get back to work"

*end of conversation*

so last night I put it on my FB. and then everyone let me

know what they thought. and then Auntie

'double dog dared' me.
well. I am a sucker for a dare! and if anyone knew me well enough on
fb, they would have known that the more they all say, "DON"T DO IT"
the more I am determined that I WILL DO IT.

so guess what I did?
I drove to the big town to go WM and buy hair dye. 'almost' black hair dye...
got home went directly into the bathroom and dyed my hair.
and I LOVE it :)

and HH is pleasantly surprised that he is 'ok with it' ;)
The Pack loves it... well, Beans isn't quiet sure.
I told her, "so, I can lose about 150 lbs..."
'yeah, and we'll look like twins', she interrupted me.
she didn't seem all that excited about that prospect.

* notice during that phone conversation with HH?
he didn't say ANYTHING
about me piercing my nose? yeah.
I'm thinking end of summer?
if I reach my goal. :D wish me luck!

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