Thursday, May 19, 2011

~10 Things the Brat Pack has said~

drew a blank with that one. sorry. Its the best I could come up with for a blog of randomness that may not make any sense to anyone but me.

1~ So mom, is your blog when you pretend to be funny? ~ Mouth
2~ Oh look, Remington is actually being really good. He's just laying there. chewing on something. and I really don't care what he's chewing on as long as he's being good. ~ Mouth
3~ I'm glad you and dad have never gotten divorced. Cuz that would be alot of work. ~ Beans
(seriously? that comment was made right out of the blue)
4~ am I touching you? am I touching you? am I touching you? ~ Beans
as she has her finger in my face and a big smile on her face. seriously? are you 3 or something?
5~ yay! Little Brother is working with HH today!! ~ Mouth
6~ how is that good? now we have to do everything around here. ~ Beans
(made me realize how much Little Brother does around here!!!)
*sidenote~ Mouth just freaked out and kicked my coffee cup and I spilt coffee all over my computer... all because the dog had slobber on his chin. then I of course freaked out on her. sometimes I wish I had my own happy place that they weren't allowed in.
7~ you can bring a noodle too ~ Baby Sister to Beans
8~ Our happy drug is out!!! ~ Mouth
9~ what! we don't get to read it? But the whole world gets to read it?!?! that's not fair. ~ Beans after I shut the screen so she could not read what I am writing.
10~ SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!! ~ quiet the universal expression used by Mouth
Sometimes I wish I could write whatever I wanted to write but I have this annoying tendency to filter everything b4 it gets out of my mind and onto the screen... now that'll make you wonder won't it? "hmmm, what is it that Shanan REALLY wants to say???" lol, I guess that is what my journal is for, but even that I tend to filter....

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